5 Best Smart TV with Bluetooth – the Ultimate Guide (2023)

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Smart TVs are the new necessity of every home. I have been to homes that are not truly smart, yet they still have Smart TVs up and running!

Therefore, Smart TVs are one of the first smart home devices most people own!

As I have been actively working in the IoT industry, I can’t emphasize more the importance of communication between devices.

Bluetooth and Wi-fi are two most widely used technologies through which we can make two or more devices communicate. Through these technologies, we can create a perfectly integrated smart home!

Similarly, Bluetooth plays a huge role when it comes to making your Smart TV communicate or seamlessly connect to external speakers, headphones or earbuds.

Hence, in today’s article, we are going to explore some of the Best Smart TV with Bluetooth technology.

At the end of the article, you are also going to find a buying guide, so that you can make a well-informed purchase decision!

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1. SAMSUNG Neo QLED 4K QN85B Series(Best overall Smart TV with Bluetooth)

First up, on our list is the high-end model of Samsung, the Samsung QN68B Smart TV, which not only fulfills the purpose, but also has a lot of smart features!

Users reported great overall performance

I did a lot of research while picking the top Smart TVs for this article. Among all the TVs listed here, this Samsung TV had the best user reviews.

Whether it be seamless 4K picture quality or its unmatchable processing power, this smart TV took the lead while considering overall user satisfaction!

Comes with built-in Bluetooth

This is an obvious one, but the Samsung Smart TV comes with a Bluetooth that is easy to connect with the external speakers or the Apple Airpods.

The Bluetooth plays sound smoothly without any lag making it a great pick for the Best Smart TV with Bluetooth and Wifi.


120Hz display along with Motion Xcelerator

Refresh rate plays a huge role in a TV screen’s responsiveness and input lag.

This Samsung Smart TV has minimal lag and is very responsive! Moreover, it has the motion Xceleterator technology that enables you to watch sports and movies in a better way (without lag).

If you are a sports fan, I would definitely ask you to go for this Smart TV!


Neo Quantum processor with 4K upscaling

With the number of apps that come built into these modern Smart TVs, having a powerful processor is a must!

The Neo Quantum Processor is a highly powerful processor of Samsung and it uses deep learning to upscale all content to 4K resolution.

This enables you to stream 4k content whether on the streaming apps (Netflix, HBO Max etc) or on the built-in Samsung TV browser!


Dolby powered sound and Object Tracking

This feature is unique to Samsung TVs!

Object tracking is when the sound follows the action in media you are streaming on your Samsung TV. Combined with that is the fact that the speakers are powered by Dolby, a giant in audio systems!

However, despite the fact that the high-end TVs (like the Samsung Smart TV) have great sound quality, their sound cannot be matched with their ultimate picture quality.


Let’s explore the Unique Display technologies used!

Now this is something which makes this Samsung Smart Tv stand-out from others!

Firstly, it uses a system of Mini LEDs in order to achieve brilliant shine even in daylight. This feature is particularly useful if you want your Smart TV to be placed outside (for instance, in an event or a shop)! This enables the TV to reach great peak brightness!

Secondly, this top-of-the line Samsung Smart TV has a built-in Real Depth Enhancer, which gives a more real view of the depth in a scene. This is especially useful if you are fond of watching nature or wildlife documentaries.

Lastly, it has a quantum HDR (High Dynamic Range) screen that enhances contrast and enables you to view more rich-color shots!

With all these latest features and its high levels of brightness, it won’t be an exaggeration to say this is the best Samsung Smart TV with Bluetooth!

  • Perfect refresh rate for streaming and gaming (120Hz)
  • Very low Input lag
  • Has great processing capabilities
  • Dolby powered sound and Object-tracking
  • Pricey


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2. Amazon Fire TV (Best Budget Smart TV with Bluetooth)

Next up in our list of Best Smart TVs with Bluetooth capabilities is the Amazon Fire TV.

The Amazon Fire TV is fairly new as compared to other brands, yet it provides all the smart features available in other TVs.

Highly Budget-friendly choice for a Bluetooth TV

If you are on a budget and want a TV with Bluetooth capability, the Amazon Fire TV is the best one for you!

This Smart TV is under $500, and has Bluetooth 5.0. This means that you can seamlessly connect your earbuds or Aipods to this Smart TV and can have a private listening experience.


Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote and compatibility with Alexa  

This one is for the Alexa users or lovers!

The Amazon Fire TV has a cool voice remote, allowing you to control your TV using voice control. This is not only highly convenient, but a great feature for the elderly as they don’t need to navigate through buttons.

You can simply watch your favorite movies or shows by giving the remote a voice command!

Not only that, but for the users who have Alexa installed in their homes, there is good news! The Amazon Fire TV can easily be connected (or integrated) with your Alexa.

As a result, you can then control your Amazon Fire TV using Alexa from anywhere in your home! If you are an Alexa lover, the Amazon Fire is the Best Smart TV with Bluetooth for you!


4K resolution at 60Hz refresh rate

To be honest, the refresh rate is lesser (60 Hz) than the first TV we explored, but what surprised me was that the Amazon fire TV has 4K resolution even at this low price.

You can stream over a million TV episodes and movies in Ultra HD quality and vibrant colors on the Amazon Fire TV as it comes your favorite streaming service apps (e.g Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ etc).


  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with a Voice remote
  • Delivers Ultra HD (4K) content.
  • Great variety of streaming apps
  • A bit laggy
  • The Image can degrade at an angle

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3. LG C2 Series Class OLED Gallery Edition Smart TV OLED55C2PUA (Best LG Smart TV with Bluetooth)

Talking about high-end TVs, the LG C2 Series is one of the best smart TV with Bluetooth and remarkable display capabilities. It is one of the leading Smart TVs in 2023, and here’s why:


The Ultimate α9 Gen 5 AI Processor decreases input lag


This LG TV comes with the a9 gen 5 AI processor. This is certainly a new technology introduced by LG in the year 2022.

The processor uses Artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically enhance sound and picture quality of the content you are watching.

Talking about the input lag, this AI 5th Gen Processor plays a huge role in reducing the lag! Due to this, the Bluetooth sound playback through speakers or earbuds play even smoothly.

Moreover, the smart tv features run effortlessly as the ample memory/processor resources are available for them!

To give you an objective idea, due to such high processing capabilities, the input lag of this smart TV is only 9.93ms. Hence, it is the best LG Tv with Bluetooth capabilities.


OLED Crisp display, perfect for streaming 4K content


This is another area where this LG has overshadowed other Smart TV brands!

OLED technology is a newer LED technology that stands for Organic LED. It ensures greater blackness levels of the screen leading to higher contrast and crisp display.

Combined with this is the fact that it is a full-fledge 4K display, allowing you to stream 4K movies on this top-of-the-line LG TV.  All of this leads to fantastic picture quality!


120 Hz (plus VRR), the Perfect Refresh Rate for Streaming and Gaming

This LG Smart TV screen has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which is perfect streaming high quality content.

A higher refresh rate means that the screen is refreshed faster, decreasing any possible lag and providing a more real display.

This is significant when it comes to streaming 4K content and also when gaming on your Smart TV.

Apart from that, the LG OLED smart TV supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), which is particularly useful for gamers as it provides smooth on-screen motion.

VRR reduces or almost eliminates lag, which itself aids not only gaming, but also while using other smart features of the LG TV.


Talking about its cool design

Lastly, let’s talk about its cool design which in my personal view is better than other TVs discussed here.

The LG Smart TV has a cool design with a very thin bezel, giving you a feeling that it is a part of your well. The TV sits subtly on your room’s wall, giving your home a real Smart home vibe!

  • OLED panel produces high levels of brightness
  • Image Processing is really fantastic
  • Great refresh rate (120 Hz) for streaming and gaming.
  • Powerful 5th generation Processor
  • Pricey

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4. Sony 4K Ultra HD TV X80K Series

I myself am not a huge fan of Sony TVs, but I simply can’t ignore this one! The Sony 4K X80K Series Smart TV is a high-end TV by Sony and it’s one of the top choices of users in 2023!

Luckily, it is a Smart TV with Bluetooth connectivity, and it has so much more:

Super-Fast navigation between apps

One of the major insights users reported was that this Sony TV has smooth navigation between the apps!

The OS is not laggy at all, and the users liked the Sony Operating System for TVs, thanks to Google for the OS.

It’s a Google TV

This Sony TV is a Google TV which means that it has built-in Google Assistant. You can perform commands on the TV using the Google Assistants.

There is availability of all the popular Streaming apps like Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV and many more. Moreover, you can download other apps of your choice using the Google Play store.

A unique selling feature of this Smart TV is that it supports Airplay, and therefore is suitable for Apple/iPhone users!

If you have always been an iPhone lover, then for you, this Sony TV is the Best Smart TV with Bluetooth!


Awesome Built-in Sound System

One thing that users particularly liked in comparison to other Smart TVs is the Sony Smart TVs amazing built-in Sound System.

Most Smart TVs have really sub-standard speakers and therefore you need to attach a soundbar with them. This is not the case with the Sony Smart TV as it has remarkable built-in speakers.

This is particularly useful for you as you can connect your smartphone with it using Bluetooth and listen to your favorite songs. It will act as your TV as well as your sound system!


Upscales nearly all content to 4K resolution

The Sony Smart TV upscales all content to 4K Ultra HD resolution which allows you to watch high quality content.

Moreover, through the 4K HDR Processor X1 makes sure there is no lag and the processing of the Smart TV stays up to the mark!

Great for Gamers and Alexa lovers!

It has some exclusive features for PlayStation 5, which enhance the gaming experience even more. You can connect it easily with your favorite game consoles and it will work like a charm. Hence, it is a great Smart TV for gamers!

Not only that, but you can also control your Sony Smart TV using your Alexa, making it a great choice for Alexa users. Overall, it’s a modern smart TV with built-in Bluetooth!

  • Low input lag/High responsiveness
  • Displays a wide range of colors.
  • An impressive built-in Sound System
  • Supports Apple Airplay
  • Lacks a local dimming feature.

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5. TCL Class 3-Series HD LED Smart Android TV (Best Budget Smart TV with Bluetooth – Option#2)

Here is another popular smart TV with Bluetooth capabilities.

Another Best budget-option

If you are looking for a great overall Smart TV with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and you don’t want to spend a fortune, this TCL Roku TV is another great choice would suggest.

It has Bluetooth connectivity along with all the great features of a Smart TV, yet it is so budget-friendly!


Android OS is quite intuitive

The Android OS is quite popular and therefore intuitive. The users can navigate easily between apps making it user-friendly.

Moreover, there are thousands of shows and movies you can stream using your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

You can find your favorite apps pre-installed in the TV, while you can also install new ones using the Google Play Store.

The Play store and ability to install new apps gives it edge over the other Smart TVs I have mentioned in this article.


Full HD (1080p) resolution

While it is a plus, but compared to the other Smart TVs with Bluetooth that I have explored in this article, it’s not that impressive.

While the Bluetooth connectivity is foolproof, the other Smart TVs have 4K, this one has just HD resolution.

The world is slowly moving towards 4K, therefore I believe that there is fierce competition and limiting a TV to just 1080p is not a smart move by its manufacturers.

Nevertheless, even at 1080p, this Smart TV delivers great picture quality along with sharp details.

Built-in Google Assistant and Chromecast

This TCL Smart TV has both Google Assistant as well as built-in Chromecast.

Firstly, it has built-in Chromecast. This means that you don’t need to attach any external device and still cast your favorite YouTube videos or mobile screen to this TCL Android Smart TV.

Secondly, this TCL TV is equipped with built-in Google voice-assistant. You can speak into the remote and ask the TV to play your favorite content as well as get entertainment recommendations. You can control the entire TV using voice control!

  • Built-in Chromecast and Google Assistant
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ability to install new apps through Google Play Store
  • Great Picture quality
  • No 4K resolution (instead it is 1080p HD)
  • Refresh Rate is 60Hz

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Conclusion (my Final Verdict)

Smart TVs are a great addition to your home. Nearly all houses have Smart TVs in 2023.

In today’s article, we explored the best Smart TV with Bluetooth. All these Smart TVs are great not only at Bluetooth connectivity, but also for their remarkable streaming capabilities and smart features!

To conclude, I would say that if you want an overall Smart TV with Bluetooth, go for the Samsung QLED TV (the first TV I mentioned here).

If you are on a budget, go for the Amazon Fire TV.

If you are a gamer, I would suggest you to go for the LG OLED TV. If you are an Apple or Alexa user and you want an all-purpose TV with Bluetooth, then you should go for the Sony Smart TV.

From our list of TVs with Bluetooth, if you ask me personally, I would choose the Samsung Smart TV! I hope you make the right choice according to your precise needs!

Happy Smart Homing!

Buying Guide – Best Smart TV with Bluetooth


Built-in Bluetooth capability

The first thing you should keep in mind while buying a Smart TV for this purpose is whether it has built-in Bluetooth capability or not?

Nearly all Smart TVs allow attaching to a Bluetooth transmitter, but only a few Smart TVs come with built-in Bluetooth. Make sure you check that while buying.


Screen’s Refresh Rate

While buying a smart TV, consider selecting a TV screen with a higher refresh rate!

A 120Hz screen is better than a 60Hz one. Although, a 60Hz screen will still do the job, but if you have the budget, it’s always better to buy a 120Hz TV as compared to a 60Hz one


Processing capabilities

I would recommend you to consider buying a smart TV with a newer technology processor. This will ensure greater processing capabilities and will decrease any lag while streaming or while switching between the Smart TV apps.

All the Smart TVs I have listed in this article have great processing capabilities, so you make the best choice for yourself!


Input Lag

This determines the delay (in milliseconds) between your remote sending a signal and the TV receiving it. 

Ideally, the input lag should be as low as possible!

Having a low input lag means that while browsing the internet on the Smart TV, you will experience very less delay. Therefore, a low input delay guarantees smooth navigation between apps and a greater amount of responsiveness of your Smart TV.


 How I myself chose?

While looking up the Best Smart TV with Bluetooth, I carefully took into account the above listed factors i.e TV screen’s refresh rate, processing capabilities, built-in Bluetooth capabilities and the input lag.

Apart from that, I also took into account the budget or value-for-money for each smart TV that I shorted-listed for this article.


A Pro Tip!

If the most expensive smart TV I have listed here is not in your budget, I would recommend you to go for one of the Budget options I have listed!

Even the 60Hz Samsung TV (Amazon Fire TV and TCL Android Smart TV) does the job quite well, so if you don’t have the budget go for it!

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