5 Best Smart TV with Web Browser – A Comprehensive Guide (2023)

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Smart TVs have revolutionized the TV industry and provided way more options for its users, as compared to the traditional old-school TVs.

With the advent of Smart TVs, our dependency on the cable networks has ended, since now we can view thousands of movies and media from all the famous streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc.

However, what if you want to browse internet on your Smart TV?

When I started research on this topic, I was surprised that not all Smart TVs come with a web browser! Most of the famous smart TVs, like the TCL Roku don’t even support web browsing.

For this reason, I dug deeper and managed to come up with a list of smart TVs that do support web browsing and are suitable for browsing the internet!

In this article, I will be exploring the best smart TV with Web browser. At the end of the article, I will be providing you with a Buying Guide as well, so make sure you read the article till the end.

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1.LG C2 Series Class OLED Smart TV (Best overall Smart TV with web browser)

Although the competition was fierce between LG and Samsung Smart TV, I had to make the choice and with a close margin, due to its nearly perfect user reviews, the LG OLED Smart TV sits on top of the list! Not to forget its amazing features which totally compliment internet browsing. So, let’s have a look at them!


Comes with a built-in WebOS browser

The LG OLED Smart TV has WebOS as its Operating System. Unlike many popular Smart TV Operating systems, the WebOS includes a default web browser, on which you can seamlessly browse the internet.

The browser is named as “Web browser” in the Apps section of the LG Smart TV.


120 Hz (plus VRR), the Perfect Refresh Rate for Web browsing

This LG Smart TV screen has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which is perfect for web browsing.

A higher refresh rate means that the screen is refreshed faster, decreasing any possible lag and providing a more real display.

This is significant when it comes to browsing the internet, because the cursor movement should be as smooth as possible while using the browser. Higher the refresh rate, smoother the cursor movement!

Apart from that, the LG OLED smart TV supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), which is particularly useful for gamers as it provides fluid on-screen motion.

VRR reduces or almost eliminates lag, which itself aids not only gaming, but also during browsing the internet. This means that the browsing experience will be much better on this LG smart TV, as opposed to screens with a static refresh rate.


The Ultimate α9 Gen 5 AI Processor decreases input lag

This LG TV comes with the a9 gen 5 AI processor. This is certainly a new technology introduced by LG in the year 2022.

The processor uses Artificial intelligence to automatically enhance sound and picture quality of the media you are watching.

Once again, the processor plays a huge role in preventing lag, which means that this AI gen 5 processor will help you browse the internet in a smoother and simpler fashion! Moreover, the smart tv features run effortlessly!

Due to such high processing capabilities, the input lag of this smart Tv is only 9.93ms. Hence, it is the best LG Tv with web browser.


OLED Crisp display, perfect for streaming 4K content

This is another area where this LG has overshadowed other Smart TV brands!

OLED technology is a newer LED technology that stands for Organic LED. It ensures greater blackness levels of the screen leading to higher contrast and crisp display.

Combined with this is the fact that it is a full-fledge 4K display, leading you to not only browse the internet, but also allowing you to stream 4K movies on this top-of-the-line LG TV.  All of this leads to fantastic picture quality!

  • OLED panel produces high levels of brightness
  • Image Processing is really fantastic

  • Great refresh rate (120 Hz ) for web browsing as well as gaming

  • Powerful 5th generation Processor

  • Pricey

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2.SAMSUNG Class QLED 4K Q60B Smart TV (Best Budget Smart TV with web browser)

As I mentioned earlier, LG and Samsung smart TVs have a very close competition when it comes to the Best Smart TV with Web browser.

However, this Samsung QLED smart TV takes the lead when it comes to a great budget option. It has all the necessary features required for web browsing, and yet it is quite budget-friendly (Well, at least in the realm of smart TVs for internet browsing!).

The browser app is named “Web” in the apps section, but obviously that’s not the only reason why I have included this Samsung Smart TV to this list. There are more reasons, so let’s explore them:


The Users are quite Satisfied – the thing that Matters the Most! 

One of the common concerns of many smart TV users is whether the smart functions work well or not?

Interestingly, this Samsung QLED Smart TV’s functions work well and smoothly!

After online research, I found that most users reported that the apps load faster as compared to the Roku or Fire TVs, which makes it a great candidate for the best smart tv with web browser!

What surprises me is that this is a 60Hz Smart TV, which means it has a lower refresh rate (and hence lower price). However, despite a lower refresh rate, it is still not laggy at all, which makes it a great Samsung TV with web browser!


Comes with the new Quantum Processor 

The Samsung smart TV includes the new Quantum 4k Lite Processor, which upgrades everything you are watching to 4k resolution.

The processor is quite powerful which means that the input lags are low as the processing capabilities are high!


Hands down the best colors along with Motion Xcelerator!

When it comes to display colors, Samsung Smart TVs always take the lead. I read numerous online reviews which said that users preferred the Samsung TVs over other brands due to their unmatchable colors.

The same is the case with this Samsung Q60B Series smart TV!

It has Dual LED backlights, which automatically adapt the contrast to match your content in real-time.


A plus point – black uniformity!


Let’s face it; even if you are considering a smart TV for browsing the internet, the main goal of a TV is to watch/stream crystal clear content!

Therefore, it’s always a plus if you manage to purchase a TV that has best of both the worlds. Such is the case with this smart TV.

According to users, the Samsung Q60B smart TV has great black uniformity, which leads to higher levels of contrast! This feature makes it one of the best LED TV for dark rooms!

Moreover, it has Quantum HDR, that ensures an expanded range of colors, allowing you to see more detailed movies or other media!

  • Comes with a Motion Xcelerator that makes moving action smoother
  • Low input lag

  • Plenty of online and streaming options

  • Great levels of black uniformity

  • Great budget option, provides value-for-money

  • Lower refresh rate (60Hz)

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3.LG 50-Inch Class UQ9000 Series 4K Smart TV (Best LG Budget Smart TV with web browser)

If you are looking to buy an LG TV for web browsing and you want to remain within a certain budget, then this TV is the perfect one for you!

Why? because existing users say so!

Although, it’s a 60Hz LG smart TV, users reported that it has pretty fast processor speed. The apps in general are fast including its web browser.

Moreover, the users also reported that LG had considerably improved their 60Hz TV’s speed as compared to the previous models!


WebOS Operating System along with its cool browser

A cool thing about LG’s WebOS (Operating System) is that it allows users to use different user accounts.

This means that different members of the family cause different accounts on the LG TV.

This also allows the users to use different web browser accounts on this smart TV, letting users use their personalized settings!

The WebOS has the best free smart TV browser I have seen!


A5 GEN5 AI Processor 4K

This LG smart TV has the same processor as the first TV (LG C2 Series 120 Hz) I mentioned in this article!

This 5th generation AI processor minimizes input lag, hence contributing to an overall smoother app-to-app navigation as well as a smoother browsing experience, making it another great candidate for the best Smart TV with web browser!


Takes streaming movies and voice commands to the next level!

This LG TV takes voice control to the next level! I am saying this because it has Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, HomeKit and Apple Airplay voice assistants!

This is truly remarkable as you can simply give a voice command to play your favorite movies. As far as the movies are concerned, you can stream movies using various popular services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, HBO Max, as well as 300+ free LG channels.

Moreover, the smart TV has a built-in game optimizer, which removes jerky frames and provides a great gaming experience!

  • Com
  • Great choice of streaming apps
  • Upscales lower resolution content to 4K
  • Has great processing capabilities

  • Lower refresh rate (60Hz)

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4.SAMSUNG Class Neo QLED 4K QN85B Series Mini LED Quantum HDR


This is certainly the high-end model of Samsung Smart TV. It’s pricey, and therefore I have placed it at the 4th spot in this article!

Obviously, it has the Web browser you are looking for!

If you are looking for the best smart TV with full web browser, this Smart TV fulfils the purpose! Just like the Samsung budget TV option I mentioned above, this smart TV also comes with an integrated web browser!

Now since it is pricey, it comes with a whole lot of other features!


120Hz display along with Motion Xcelerator

One of the major reasons this Samsung TV is more expensive than the earlier discussed model is its 120Hz display.

As I mentioned earlier, refresh rate plays a huge role in a TV’s responsiveness and input lag. This smart TV has minimal lag and is very responsive! Moreover, it has the motion Xceleterator technology that enables you to watch sports and movies in a better way (without lag).

Although, the budget friendly Samsung TV I mentioned earlier was good enough for browsing the internet as well as streaming your favorite movies, this TV is a step ahead.

If you have the budget for it, go for this Samsung TV, otherwise if you choose the budget friendly one that will also work like a charm as it’s not laggy at all even at its 60hz refresh rate!


Dolby powered sound and Object Tracking

This feature is unique to Samsung TVs!

Object tracking is when the sound follows the action in media you are streaming on your Smasung TV. Combined with that is the fact that the speakers are powered by Dolby, a giant in audio systems!


Neo Quantum processor with 4K upscaling

This is what matters the most when it comes to using your smart TV for web browsing!

The Neo Quantum Processor is a highly powerful processor of Samsung and it uses deep learning to upscale all content to 4K resolution.

This provides not only jerk-free smooth browsing experience but also enables you to stream 4k content whether on the streaming apps (Netflix, HBO Max etc) or on the built-in Samsung TV browser!

Let’s discuss the Unique Display technologies used!

Now this is something which makes this Samsung Smart Tv stand-out from others!

Firstly, it uses a system of Mini LEDs in order to achieve brilliant shine even in daylight. This feature is particularly useful if you want your Smart TV to be placed outside (for instance, in an event or a shop)!

Secondly, this top-of-the line Samsung Smart TV has a built-in Real Depth Enhancer, which gives a more real view of the depth in a scene. This is especially useful if you are fond of watching nature or wildlife documentaries.

Lastly, it has a quantum HDR (High Dynamic Range) screen that enhances contrast and enables you to view more rich-color shots!

  • Perfect refresh rate for browsing and gaming (120Hz)
  • Insignificant Input lag

  • Has great processing capabilities

  • Dolby powered sound and Object-tracking

  • Price is higher than other TVs mentioned here

Check Price on Amazon


5. Hisense A6 Series 55-Inch Class 4K UHD Smart Google TV

If you want to ditch the fancier brands – here’s your chance!

It might be possible that you want to ditch the fancier brands and try something out of the box!

If that is the case and you want the best smart TV with Web browser, the Hisense A6 series has got you covered!


Luckily it’s a Google TV, so it comes with a built-in browser

The latest Google TVs come with Google Chrome pre-installed in them. Such is the case with this Hisense Google Smart TV.

Moreover, since it is a Google TV, you can use the Google play store to download other browsers as well, making it the top Hisense TV with web browser.


4K content and enhancer

Just like LG and Samsung Smart TVs, the Hisense smart TV also comes with a 4k enhancer, which means that Hisense’s AI UHD Upscaler converts nearly all content to 4K resolution, which is a treat to watch!

Moreover, it is embedded with HDR (High Definition Range) technology due to which the blacks are truly black and the brights are really bright, giving a wide range of colors and rich contrast levels!


Game mode and a Sports mode

Interestingly, this Hisense Smart TV provides a Game mode which means that if you want to do gaming on this TV, you can switch to game mode to decrease Input lag even further. You can switch to this mode even when using the web browser, as it eliminates mouse lag (if any).

Moreover, there is another mode, namely the “Sports Mode”! You can switch to this when viewing sports, in order to view smoother action.

In this mode, moving objects are made smoother and jerk-free!

  • It’s a Google TV, so you can download apps from the play store
  • Efficiently upscales low-resolution content to 4K
  • Image remains accurate even at an angle
  • Very low-priced (budget-friendly)
  • Huge choice of streaming apps
  • A bit laggy


Check Price on Amazon


Buying Guide – Best Smart TV with Web Browser


Availability of a built-in Web Browser

First things first; when buying a smart TV for browsing the internet, you must first check whether the Smart TV has a Web browser or not.

Unlike my personal expectations, most Smart TVs of 2023 do not have a built-in browser e.g all Roku TVs do not have a built-in browser.

Some Smart TVs do not have a built-in browser, but they allow it to be installed later.

As an ideal case, while buying a smart TV for this very purpose, you should always select a Smart TV that has a built-in web browser app in it!

Input Lag

This determines the delay (in milliseconds) between your remote sending a signal and the TV receiving it. 

Ideally, the input lag should be as low as possible!

Having a low input lag means that while browsing the internet on the Smart TV, you will experience very less delay. Therefore, your browsing experience will be seamless and smooth!


Processing capabilities

Consider buying a smart TV with a newer technology processor. This will ensure greater processing capabilities and will decrease any lag while browsing the internet or streaming videos.

All the Smart TVs I have listed in this article have great processing capabilities!


Screen’s Refresh Rate

Lastly, while buying a smart TV for web browsing, consider selecting a TV screen with a higher refresh rate!

A 120Hz screen is better than a 60Hz one. Although, a 60Hz screen will still do the job (just like the Samsung 60Hz TV I mentioned above), if you have the budget, I would suggest you to go for a 120Hz one!


How I myself chose?

While compiling the list of Best Smart TVs with Web browser, I carefully took into account the above listed factors i.e TV screen’s refresh rate, processing capabilities, availability of a built-in web browser and the input lag.

Apart from that, I also took into account the budget or value-for-money for each smart TV that I shorted-listed for this article.


Some Pro Tips!

If the most expensive smart TV I have listed here is not in your budget, I would recommend you to go for one of the Budget options I have listed!

Even the 60Hz Samsung TV (option #2 in this article) does the job quite well, so if you don’t have the budget go for it!

Another tip I would like to give is that if you want to use internet browser on TV, it’s better you connect a wireless keyboard or mouse with your TV.

Using the TV’s remote for moving the cursor and for typing is definitely not a good experience.

Hence, if you are going to use your smart tv for web browsing, it’s always a good idea to invest a little in a wireless keyboard or mouse that can easily connect to these Smart TVs using Bluetooth.



I have put extensive research into finding the best smart TV with Web browser!

First, finding a smart TV that comes with a browser itself was a challenge. As opposed to what I expected, neither Roku, nor the Fire TV comes with a browser!

However, even the ones that come with a browser, they were laggy and not suitable for browsing.

The TVs that I explored in this article not only come with a web browser, but they are also suitable for internet browsing as they have powerful processors, low input lag, suitable refresh rate and great value-for-money.

Personally, I would buy the LG C2 Series OLED TV. However, if I was short on budget, I would go for the Samsung QLED Q60B Smart TV.

You can choose any Smart Tv from this list and it will be suitable for browsing the internet, hence the final decision is yours!

Happy Smart Homing!

Stefen Turner

Hey! My name is Stefen and I am the founder of Smart Home Hunt. Prior to starting this blog, I used to work as a Full-Stack Web Developer in the field of Internet of Things (IoT).

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