5 Best Smart TV with Ethernet Port (Tried and Tested 2023!)

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Older TVs were mostly standalone devices that did not need to connect with the outer world. Fast forward to the age of internet, modern Smart TVs are incorporated with built-in apps which require all forms of connectivity.  

All modern Smart TVs are internet-enabled, while some Smart TV come with built-in Bluetooth. As far as Internet is concerned, all Smart TVs provide Internet via Wi-Fi while there are some which provide both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. If you are looking for the Best Smart TV with Ethernet Port, you have landed on the right page.  

I have researched and explored some of the Best Smart TVs that support an Ethernet connection, so you can enjoy stable internet while you stream your favorite content.  

How to choose the Best Smart TV with Ethernet Port – Buying Guide 


Availability of Ethernet Port 

A Smart TV that you are going to buy must have a built-in Ethernet Port, so that you can physically connect the LAN cable to your TV, and enjoy a stable Internet connection. 

Almost all Smart TVs that come with an Ethernet port that is 100 Megabits. You might be concerned about the Smart TV’s Ethernet port speed. However, the 100 Megabits port is fully capable of delivering 4K content over streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu etc.  


Simple Interface/OS 

The next thing you should look for is the Operating System or Interface of your Smart TV. Make sure the interface is not so complex and it provides ease-of-navigation between apps.  

There are certain Operating Systems like the Roku OS that stream content better than others when Internet is supplied via an Ethernet Port.  



Budget is a very important factor, and I believe you must not neglect it. You should try buying a Smart TV which fulfils your requirements and is within your budget.  


Low Input Lag 

Input Lag refers to the amount of time that passes between sending an electronic signal and its corresponding action.  

Ideally, Smart TVs should have as low input lag as possible so that there is no delay that you experience.  


How We Chose? 

While choosing the best Smart TV with Ethernet Port, we took into account all the above-mentioned factors. We particularly took into account the budget factor, and ranked the TVs not just according to their features and Ethernet port availability, but according to their value-for-money as well.  

Our top pick, the TCL 5-Series 4K QLED Roku TV has an Ethernet Port, has impressive Smart features, a vibrant picture and provides great value-for-money.  


The Best Smart TVs with Ethernet Port in 2023 


1. TCL Class 5-Series 4K UHD QLED Roku TV (Best Overall Smart TV with Ethernet Port)  

The TCL 5-Series 4K Roku TV is my top pick for TVs with an Ethernet Port. There are several reasons for this which I’ll discuss in detail.  

The TCL Roku TV comes with an Ethernet port which provides rock-solid connection that is both reliable as well as stable. The Roku TV Apps perform exceptionally well with a wired connection (via Ethernet port), as compared to apps in other Operating Systems.  

Talking about its picture quality, this TCL Roku TV has remarkable brightness levels. The contrast is excellent, especially at this price, thanks to its solid backlight control. The Smart TV has a 4K QLED panel which delivers brilliant 4K content. One down side which I experienced though was that the off-angle viewing of this TV was not so great. 

This TCL Roku TV is also a decent gaming TV. Although it comes with 60Hz refresh rate, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) is included in the TV which enhances your gaming experience. Moreover, the input lag is exceptionally low (at 11 seconds) while in Auto Game mode, which is a huge plus for gamers.  

A major contributor to its top position in this article is the Roku OS which offers seamless streaming experience through numerous streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and many more. These apps stream effortlessly especially when using an Ethernet connection for Internet.  

 Moreover, the Roku OS also comes with a lot of free channels as well, which serves as an icing on the cake! Voice control is also available via Roku app. The overall operating system is user-friendly, easy-to-use and preferred by many users!  

What makes it unique?  

The Roku TV apps are better than other TV apps when it comes to streaming content on an Ethernet connection. Moreover, the overall value-for-money of this Smart TV makes it the Best Smart TV with Ethernet Port.  

  • Superb Picture quality
  • Roku apps run great with Ethernet Connection
  • Great choice for gamers.
  • Exceptionally low input lag
  • Provides great value-for-money. 
  • Off-angle viewing is not so good.

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2.LG C2 Series Class OLED evo Smart TV ( Runner Up – Best Picture Smart TV with Ethernet Port) 

Next up in our list is the LG C2 OLED TV which is a premium Smart TV, known for its exceptional Picture quality. However, before we get into that, let’s explore its Ethernet connectivity.  

The LG Smart TV can easily be connected to internet using an Ethernet Cable. It comes with a 100 Megabit Ethernet port that is capable of streaming 4K content via all popular streaming apps. With its Ethernet port, overall buffering times and initial loading times are lower when streaming content from apps. Moreover, app updates are also faster when using this TV with an Ethernet connection.  

Now let’s explore its remarkable picture quality. The LG C2 comes with OLED 4K panel which generates great brightness levels. The screen has a wide viewing-angle which makes it stand out among other TVs.  

There is no luminance degradation when the TV is viewed from the sides. Moreover, the a5 Gen 5 AI Processor does a great job at upscaling HDR or SDR content to 4K resolution.  

Talking about its OS, the LG C2 comes with LG’s WebOS, which is user-friendly but not as good as Roku. Navigation between the apps is easy and all popular streaming apps are available.  The TV has built-in Alexa which means that you can control it with your voice.  

An area where it is better than TCL 5 Series is its 120Hz Refresh Rate and availability of Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). This makes the overall gaming experience better than that in the TCL 5 Series. However, it comes at a cost, which is that the LG C2 is more expensive than TCL 5 series, so that explains the difference.  

What makes it unique? 

The LG C2 series has an OLED panel that is safe for the eyes. Moreover, LG markets this smart TV as EyeSafe cerified which is a major plus. It ranks among some top Smart TVs with Eye safety.  

Moreover, this Smart TV has matchless picture quality which makes it unique!  

  • 4K upscaling is impressive
  • Come with an Ethernet port that enables a stable Internet connection.
  • OLED display with wide-viewing angle
  • Great choice for gamers
  • Safe for your eyes. 
  • Pricey 

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3.Hisense 50-Inch Class R6 Series HDR 4K UHD Roku Smart TV (Best Budget Smart TV with Ethernet Port) 


Let’s now discover a Budget Smart TV that comes with an Ethernet Port. I am talking about the Hisense R6 Series 4K Roku TV.  

It is a great budget choice if you want are looking for the Best Smart TV with Ethernet Port. It provides all the necessary features of a Smart TV yet costs you less.  

It’s a Roku TV, so streaming is great when connected via Ethernet port. There are a lot of streaming options with Roku along with the availability of free channels. The OS is clean and easy-to-use and provides a better user experience as compared to LG TV’s WebOS. Surprisingly, voice control is also available through the remote or via Roku app, which truly is amazing at this low cost.  

Talking about its picture, the TV has 4K resolution, and when I tested it, it can upscale HDR content to 4K in a quite decent manner. Obviously, I don’t expect anything similar to LG C2, since that TV is quite expensive as compared to the Hisense R6, but still the upscaling is good considering its low price.  

Peak brightness levels are reasonable if not the best. Contrast levels are satisfactory. However, off-angle viewing is not good at all, which might be a concern for you if you’ll be viewing this TV from the sides. 

Although the Refresh rate is 60 Hz, this TV is still pretty good for gaming. Now I am not talking about hardcore gamers, but for general gamers, I believe it will provide pretty good gaming experience.  


What makes it unique? 

The budget-friendliness of this Hisense TV makes it unique. Moreover, the intuitive Roku OS is a plus, especially when you want to stream content with a physical internet connection (Ethernet cable).  

  • Budget-friendly
  • Intuitive Roku OS
  • Supports Ethernet connection.
  • Gaming experience is good. 
  • Off-angle viewing is not up to the mark
  • Motion smoothness for fast moving objects is not very good.  

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4.Samsung Class OLED 4K S95B Series Quantum HDR 


Next up we have a Smart TV from the market giant, Samsung. The Samsung OLED 4K S95B is equipped with an Ethernet port so you can physically connect Internet with it.  

The port is 100 Megabits, like other TVs, but is capable of delivering/streaming 4K content. The internet speed is very stable when connected via Ethernet port, as compared to Wi-fi.  

This Samsung TV is among premium Smart TVs of the market, with an OLED display panel. This would be of particular interest to you if you are a fan of OLED screens, as they deliver warmer picture with a wide-viewing angle. The screen display is 120Hz which means the input lag is also lower. It also supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) which is a huge plus for all the gamers out there.  

The TV comes with Samsung’s TizenOS, which might not be as good as Roku but still provides all the useful apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. Moreover, the Smart TV comes with built-in Alexa for Voice control.  

This Smart TV goes hand in hand with the LG C2 when it comes to picture quality. Both the Smart TVs come in the premium category. However, the contrast level of the Samsung S95B Smart TV is the best among all the Smart TVs I have listed in this article.  

This Samsung Smart TV has a powerful the Neural Quantum Processor that achieves remarkable Image Processing. Motion smoothness is also great so it’s a great TV for watching sports as well.  


What makes it unique? 

The remarkable contrast and blackness levels of this Smart TV make it unique. Moreover, it has better built-in speakers than other Smart TVs. Hence, it’s not just one of the best Smart TV with Ethernet Port, it has remarkable picture quality and sound as well!  

  • Perfect Contrast and Brightness
  • Embedded with an Ethernet Port
  • Achieves great motion smoothness
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Comes with a powerful Processor 
  • Pricey

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5.Sony 43 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X85K Series Google TV 


For all the Google TV lovers, here we have a Google TV that is one of the Best Smart TV with Ethernet port! I am referring to the Sony X85K Google TV.  

The Smart TV comes embedded with an Ethernet port that delivers content in a fast and stable manner. Since it is a Google TV, there are a lot of streaming options to choose from. The TV has all the streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video etc. When connected with the Ethernet port, you can stream 4K content on these apps without any lag or instability.  

 Sony is known for its color vibrancy. The display is vibrant and it produces over a billion accurate colors. The overall picture quality is great, thanks to its UltraHD 120Hz screen. However, off-angle viewing is still not as good as the OLED TVs that I mentioned here (LG C2 and Samsung).  

Gaming experience is extra-ordinary with this Sony TV as it has great motion handling due its Motionflow XR technology. The TV also has great 4K upscaling technology which can upscale SD and HD content to 4K.  

The Sony Smart TV takes the lead when it comes to casting options. Since it’s a Google TV, it has built-in Chromecast for cast. What’s more interesting is the fact that it has Apple Airplay 2 as well. Therefore, if you are an apple lover and have many Apple devices at your homes, it’s a wise decision to go with this Smart TV.  

Moreover, this Sony Smart TV has built-in Google Assistant which means you can control it with voice. Moreover, if you have Alexa at your home, you can easily connect it with it as this Smart TV is Alexa compatible.  

What makes it unique? 

Overall color brilliance of the Sony TV makes it unique. Another unqiue factor is its variety of casting options like built-in Chromecast and Apple Airplay 2.  

  • Brilliant colors
  • Ethernet Port available
  • Built-in Chromecast and Airplay
  • Great for gaming 
  • Pricey

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Our Final Verdict 

Not all Smart TVs come embedded with an Ethernet port. If you want to physically hook your TV with an Ethernet connection, you need to make sure that your TV has an Ethernet port.  

In this article, we explored Smart TVs with an Ethernet Port. Out of the 5 Smart TVs, the TCL 5-Series Roku is the best Smart TV with Ethernet port, as it has an Ethernet port, a foolproof OS (Roku) and is not heavy on your pocket.  

However, if budget is not a concern for you and you want a Smart TV with the best picture quality as well, then you should go for the LG C2 4K Smart TV. 

Happy Smart Homing!

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