4 Best Smart TV with Wide Viewing Angle (An Ultimate Guide!)

Smart TVs are without a doubt one of the most popular Smart devices these days. It is no surprise that the prices of Smart TVs greatly vary, depending on their features as well as picture quality. A wide viewing angle is extremely important especially when the TV is to be viewed from the sides, or when the viewer is suffering from a visual impairment. In this article, we are going to explore some of the Best Smart TV with wide viewing angle.  

These Smart TVs can easily be viewed from the sides, without any noticeable color degradation. Let’s dive in! 


1. Sony OLED 4K BRAVIA XR A80K Series (Best Overall Smart TV with Wide Viewing Angle) 


The Sony OLED 4K A80K Series TV tops the list and there are numerous reasons for that.  

Firstly, it is an OLED display, which makes it superior then other types of displays (conventional LEDs and LCDs). OLED displays have an average viewing angle of 70 degrees and can be viewed at 84 degrees with little to no diminished luminance. The display is full 4K at 120Hz refresh rate, which provides high levels of motion smoothness. Moreover, the Sony A80K Smart TV gives immense contrast and blackness levels even when viewed from the sides.  

Secondly, the color saturation and sharpness are on point with this TV. This adds to the picture quality of this TV. What’s truly remarkable is that color accuracy stays pretty much the same even with off-angle viewing.  

Moreover, the Sony X80K comes with truly amazing Smart features. This is a Google TV which means it comes with built-in Google Assistant which allows you to control the TV just by your voice. The TV has all the popular streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, DisneyPlus, Apple TV, HBO Max, Peacock etc 

The Sony X80K provides diversity when it comes to screen mirroring or casting. This is because it supports both Chromecast and Apple Airplay 2. Not all TVs support Apple Airplay 2, so I believe this is something unique in this TV.  

With Dolby Atmos support, this TV has a much better sound than the average Smart TVs in the market. Moreover, it has dual subwoofers for powerful bass.  

While we are reviewing this amazing Smart TV, let’s not forget all the gamers out there. The Sony X80K Smart TV is a reasonable choice for gamers as it provides Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) at 120Hz. Although the LG C2 evo (we are going to discuss it later in this article) beats this TV at gaming, the Sony X80K still does a good job at gaming and motion smoothness. Moreover, it has an input lag of just 9 milliseconds which is remarkable in my view.  

What makes it unique? 

The availability of both built-in Chromecast and Apple Airplay 2 makes the Sony X80K stand out among other Smart TVs. Moreover, as discussed earlier, the sound quality of this TV is better than many average Smart TVs of the market.   

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 2.TCL Class 6-Series 4K Mini-LED UHD QLED HDR Smart Google TV (Best Budget Smart TV with Wide Viewing Angle)


Next up we have a budget-friendly Smart TV that has a wide viewing angle.   

The TCL Class 6 Series TV comes with a QLED display screen. QLED screens have a better viewing angle than conventional LED screens which makes them a great choice for you.  

The screen of TCL 6 Series offers much less flickering, and the viewing angle is quite wide. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting such a wide viewing angle in a TV of this price.  

The picture quality is great as the TV offers high levels of brightness and contrast. Moreover, the local dimming and blackness levels are also worth mentioning here.  

As far as the smart features are concerned, this TV comes with built-in Google Assistant which offers hands-free voice control. You simply need to say, “Hey Google!” and the TV will start taking commands.  

The 120Hz screen of this TV reduces input lag and navigation between the apps is smooth. For gamers, the high refresh rate is also beneficial.   

Finally, the UI is quite user-friendly. As it’s a Google TV, the UI is remarkable and easier for new users to adapt to. All your favorite apps can be seen on your home screen, and you can either select them using the remote or simply by giving a voice command.   

I firmly believe that if you are on a budget, for you this is the Best Smart TV with wide viewing angle.  

What makes it unique?  

The low price of the TCL 6 series TV makes it stand out among the other Smart TVs in this list.  


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3. LG C2 Series Class OLED evo Smart TV



The LG C2 Series is another premium Smart TV that comes with an OLED display. This means that its viewing angle is naturally wide, making it a great choice for you.  

The picture quality and colors of this TV are remarkable, thanks to the 4K display and powerful Gen 5 AI processor. The TV does not experience any distortion or image degradation when viewed from the sides. Moreover, it has an eye comfort mode, which automatically adjusts brightness and contrast to reduce eyestrain.   

There is little to no flickering and the display is uniform, making it suitable for side viewing.  

The LG C2 comes equipped with Alexa, which means that you can enjoy hands-free voice control. All you need to do is say “Hi, LG”, and the TV’s built-in mic will start listening to your commands.   

The TV also enhances standard or HD content to 4K in an efficient manner. Moreover, the LG C2 Smart TV has a refresh rate of 120Hz along with VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), which makes it suitable for gamers.  

The TV offers all popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc. built into its WebOS. The OS although not as good as Roku or Android, still delivers some level of intuitiveness and user-friendliness.   

Finally, the LG C2 series has minimal input lag, which means there are no delays when the user gives a command. Lags and delays can disrupt a smooth user experience; therefore, this TV performs quite well in this regard.   

Overall, the LG C2 is a great choice for general users and gamers. It is certainly one of the best smart TV with wide viewing angle.  


What makes it unique?  

 The low input lag, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and motion smoothness of LG C2 makes it unique.  


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4. SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class OLED 4K S95B Series Quantum HDR


Another great TV for wide-angle viewing is the Samsung S95B OLED TV.   

This Samsung TV is among the premium Smart TVs of the market, with an OLED display panel. This would be of particular interest to you if you are a fan of OLED screens, as they deliver warmer picture with a wide-viewing angle. The screen display is 120Hz which means the input lag is also lower. It also supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) which is a huge plus for all the gamers out there.   

The TV comes with Samsung’s TizenOS, which might not be as good as Roku but still provides all the useful apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. Moreover, the Smart TV comes with built-in Alexa for Voice control.   

This Smart TV goes hand in hand with the LG C2 when it comes to picture quality. Both the Smart TVs come in the premium category. However, the contrast level of the Samsung S95B Smart TV is the best among all the Smart TVs I have listed in this article.   

This Samsung Smart TV has a powerful the Neural Quantum Processor that achieves remarkable Image Processing. Motion smoothness is also great so it’s a great TV for watching sports as well.   


What makes it unique?

The remarkable contrast and blackness levels of this Smart TV make it unique. Moreover, it has better built-in speakers than other Smart TVs. Hence, it’s not just one of the best Smart TV with Ethernet Port, it has remarkable picture quality and sound as well!   

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Buying Guide – Best Smart TV with Wide Viewing Angle  


Before buying a TV for a wide viewing angle, you should carefully consider some important factors. Let’s explore them:  

Display Type 

There are different types of displays when it comes to Smart TVs. These include OLEDs, QLEDs, LCD displays and conventional LEDs.  

Out of all, OLEDs provide the best viewing angle and display uniformity. Therefore, if you have the budget, always go for OLED TVs. However, if you are on a tight budget, QLEDs or some conventional LEDs will also do the job.  


Display Uniformity 

Display uniformity refers to the ability of a screen to provide consistent colors throughout the screen. Some TVs (like the LG C2) are remarkable at display uniformity.  

To test it, look carefully at all areas of the screen. If some areas are darker than others, the screen does not have display uniformity.  


Screen Brightness 

Another important consideration is to check the TV’s brightness levels. Some TVs are brighter than others. No matter how good the TV is at handling wide-angle viewing, some brightness degradation occurs when viewed from the sides.  

Therefore, the screen should be as bright as possible, especially when the TV is going to be viewed from the sides or it’s going to be placed inside a bright room.  




A lot of factors should be considered when buying the best smart TV with wide viewing angle. In this article we discussed the top Smart TVs that are suitable for off angle viewing. Although, all TVs mentioned in this guide fulfil the purpose, our personal pick is the Sony OLED Smart TV. However, if you are on a budget, you can go with the TCL 6 series, as it has a QLED screen an provides great value for money. I hope you make the right choice. Happy Smart Homing!

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