Best Smart Tv for Airbnb 2023 – Which One to Choose

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Whether your Airbnb unit is located in a mountainous region, near a scenic beach or simply in a metropolitan city, having an entertainment system is a must! 

While most of the guests will be going out to enjoy their vacation, some might be there to doze off from their business trip’s stress, most likely by binge watching the latest shows on Netflix. 

In any case, having a Smart TV will provide great value addition to your Airbnb unit, which has become a need of 2023.  

One of the major challenges an Airbnb guest encounters is the ability to adapt to their new Airbnb TV. Most TVs have complex User Interfaces (UIs) with little usability for the new users.  

But don’t worry, because in this article, we will explore some of the best Smart TV for Airbnb with intuitive UIs, so that your Airbnb guests can feel at home. Let’s dive in! 


TCL 43-inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV – 43S435 (Best Overall Smart TV for Airbnb) 

The TCL 4K Roku TV is without a doubt currently the best smart TV for Airbnb.  

It’s not just the favorite market choice in 2023, but also my personal favorite Roku TV, and here’s why. 


The perfect combo of 4K UltraHD and HDR    

The TCL Roku TV is an UltraHD TV, which means that your guests can enjoy high resolution movies and TV shows in 4K resolution.  

Not only that, the combination of 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) creates a lifelike picture experience that is unmatched by most of the smart TVs in the market.  

The Roku OS and Roku app providing ultimate guest control 

Roku is a TV operating system for streaming, and is one of the most easy-to-use Smart TV operating systems on the market. 

The intuitive UI provided by this Roku TV will enable you to add your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime (which is currently the best streaming service for Airbnb), Hulu etc. in no time and start streaming! 

The best thing about a Roku tv is the Roku app. Through this app, your guests conveniently control your TV, even if you lose the remote.  

Roku TVs minimize complexities in their User Interface (UI). The overall UI of this Roku TV is very simple, which is why it will be very easy to use by your new guests.  

Moreover, the safest thing for guests is that TCL is a smart TV with guest mode. Guests can type in their login information to Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, etc. and after a period of non-use, it will automatically log them out. 


Easy Voice Control using Alexa or Google Assistant 

Another cool feature of this smart TV is that it can easily be controlled using Alexa and Google Assistant. If you have Alexa or Google Assistant at your Airbnb unit, this features ensures a convenient way for you to control your TV without even picking the remote.  

  • Simple and sensitive TV
  • Easy to Set Up
  • The picture quality is good
  • Easy to program Remote 
  • Sound quality is mediocre

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What makes it unique?

The simple Roku User Interface (UI) makes it unique. Usability is the number one concern for Airbnb guests, therefore with this Roku Smart TV, they will find it really easy to navigate between apps and stream their favorite content.


SAMSUNG 4K UHD AU8000 Series HDR (Best Alexa Smart TV for Airbnb) 



4K resolution with Motion Xcelerator 

The Samsung Smart TV has a unique Motion Xcelerator technology that minimizes blurring when watching fast moving object videos, such as sports, racing or gaming etc.  

This feature along with its 4K display makes it one of the best smart tv for Airbnb.  

Built-in Alexa; The best Alexa voice Assistant TV 

The best thing about this TV is that it has built-in Alexa installed. This Smart TV is the perfect pick for all Alexa lovers and also one of the best smart TVs with voice control.

Moreover, if you are planning to set up your Airbnb for disabled people, this is a must-have feature for your Airbnb Smart TV.   

Overall, if you want your Airbnb Tv to have built-in Alexa capabilities, then this Smart TV should certainly be your choice.  


Powerful Processor along with HDR 

The Samsung Smart TV has a powerful processor that will allow your guests to watch videos at stunning clarity. The processor converts everything that is watched on the TV to 4K resolution.  

Apart from that, this Smart TV works at High Dynamic Range (HDR), which means that it displays great levels of contrast allowing your guests to stream content that seems real. This makes it one of the best streaming device for Airbnb. 

What makes it unique?

Built-in-Alexa makes this Smart TV unique. This is for all Alexa lovers, who are comfortable with the Alexa ecosystem. The built-in Voice Assistant adds up to the ease-of-use and your guests can use this TV by directly giving voice commands.

  • Built-in Alexa; suitable for Alexa lovers
  • High contrast ratio
  • Impressive reflection handling while viewing from angles
  • Lacks a local dimming feature

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VIZIO 40-inch D-Series Full HD 1080p Smart TV (Best Budget Smart TV for Airbnb) 


Next up in our list of best smart TV for Airbnb is the Vizio D-series 40-inch TV. If you are on a budget, this is the perfect choice for you and here’s why.  

Low price yet great value for money  

This Airbnb TV is around $200, and can save you a lot of bucks on setting up your Airbnb.  

The IQ processor of this smart TV delivers faster picture processing and quicker load times.  

Fully HD with evenly distributed LEDs  

The Smart TV is quite cost-friendly, yet it is fully HD. The overall picture quality is impressive! 

The backlight LEDs are evenly distributed which ensures superior light uniformity all across the screen and ensures consistency. 

SmartCast OS and V-Gaming engine 

The SmartCast OS allows you to navigate through different apps or streaming accounts on the TV. These include Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, HBO Max and many more.  

The overall usability of these built-in streaming apps is high, which makes Vizio a great streaming tv for rental property. 

However, one issue that I encountered was that its navigation is a bit slower as compared to TCL or Samsung TV. Obviously, the processor plays a big role here.  

The TV provides built-in Chromecast facility which means you don’t need to navigate through the remote all the time. You can cast your favorite shows using your smartphone.  

Moreover, the VIZIO app can be downloaded on your phone which lets you control your Smart TV. 

What makes it unique?

The low price of this Smart TV makes it stand out among others. If you have to install Smart TVs in a lot of Airbnb rooms, you should go for this Smart TV as it is functionally sound as well as budget friendly.


  • Budget Smart TV with great value-for-money
  • Fully HD
  • Built in Chromecast and streaming apps like Netflix
  • Can be controlled using Vizio app
  • Slow while navigating through different widgets 

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Hisense 43-Inch Class R6 Series Dolby Vision HDR 4K UHD Roku Smart TV 


Roku TVs are my personal favorite, and here’s another one; the Hisense R6 4K Roku Smart TV. 

Fully Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant 

The Hisense Roku Smart TV is fully compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. If you have any of these Smart Home Assistants at your Airbnb, you can easily pair your Smart TV with it. 

Moreover, you can easily control it using the Roku mobile app, which will give your guests full control. You can put on a sticky note on your TV so that your guests can download it and take full control of their Hisense smart TV. 


Dolby Vision HDR and Motion Rate 120 Image Processing  

The Smart TV has Dolby Vision HDR picture with a motion rate 120 Image processing which makes gaming and watching sports a great experience on this Smart TV. 

This is because at this motion rate, moving objects are viewed much better than an ordinary TV.  

Moreover, the variable refresh rate (VRR) is like heaven for the gamers out there, making the overall gaming experience smooth and jerk-free! 

The intuitive Roku OS  

The Roku OS is not just intuitive, it also provides you with a lot of free channels while some others are paid.  

You can stream live news or sports or simply your favorite movies. By far, it is the best Smart TV operating system of 2023, making the Hisense TV another best Smart TV for Airbnb. 

Moreover, since it has built-in Chromecast, you can cast your favorite shows from your mobile.  

  • Smart features like streaming apps
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistants
  • Roku OS; best TV OS for 2023
  • Ultra LED with better color, dimming, and motion smoothing
  • 4K UHD resolution on some models
  • HDR (HDR10 and Dolby Vision) support
  • Some users experienced minor sound problems 

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Amazon Fire TV 43″ 4-Series 4K UHD Smart TV 

Brilliant 4K resolution  

The UltraHD screen of the Amazon Fire smart TV is quite impressive. Your guests can watch movies at 4K resolution with a vibrant picture quality. 

Wide number of Streaming options 

The Amazon Fire TV comes with different apps including Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO etc. Your guests can watch or stream over a million TV shows and movies.  

The widgets of these streaming apps are visible on the home screen and are easily accessible. 

Moreover, there are 3 HDMI inputs for connecting it to your laptop or gaming console. Hence, it completes your entertainment system.  

Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote 

A unique feature of the Amazon Fire TV is its cool Alexa Voice Remote. Your guests can press and hold the Alexa button on the remote and ask to play their favorite movies, check news, get sports or weather updates. 

Moreover, you can also make voice calls, Zoom or Skype calls through the mic in Alexa remote. This truly is an innovative feature for a TV.  

The best part is that you don’t need to purchase Alexa separately for these features. If you purchase the Amazon Fire TV, I highly recommend to state these features in your Airbnb listing to make an impact! 

But the Brightness is a bit compromised 

A downside however of this Smart TV is that its brightness seems a bit low in rooms with very high light. 

If your Airbnb unit has too many lights, you should consider other Smart TV options I have listed above.  

  • It’s incredibly easy to set up.
  • Very crisp picture, sharp lines
  • Can control with Alexa
  • Fire TV Alexa Remote for voice-commands.
  • Pricey/Budget-friendly Smart TV
  • Brightness is compromised; contrast and overall brightness is not good when used in a room with too many lights

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What makes it unique?

The brilliant 4K resolution of this Smart TV makes it stand out among its competitors. The picture is sharp and colorful that too at a really moderate price.


Smart TVs rank among the best smart home devices for Airbnb! 

Although all the smart TVs that I have listed in this article are great and suitable for rental property, the TCL Roku TV is the best smart TV for Airbnb in 2023.  

It is not only the best, but also my personal choice; the reason being the highly intuitive Roku OS. Guests usually stay for a short while in your Airbnb, they do not have much time to adapt to the UI of their Smart TV.  

In such scenarios, Roku for an Airbnb is probably the most suitable option.   

If you are looking for an affordable Smart TV, then you should go for the Vizio Smart TV listed above, whereas if you are an Alexa enthusiast, I highly recommend that you buy The Samsung Smart TV as it has built-in Alexa in it.  

A Pro tip I would give you while buying is that don’t go for too costly TVs for your Airbnb, in fact it’s better to stay within your Airbnb’s dedicated budget.  If you want to study the Buying Guide before buying your Smart TV, you can read it below. I hope this article proves to be beneficial in the journey to transform your Airbnb unit into an Airbnb Smart home. 

Happy Smart Homing! 

Factors to look for in an Airbnb Smart TV – Buying Guide 

 Buying Guide (Smart TV for Airbnb) 

Ease of use/Usability 

The first and foremost thing you should look for in a vacation rental Smart TV is Ease of use.  

This is because in most cases, your guests will be using the smart TV for the first time and therefore, it must be easy to use. TVs with Complex UI or hidden buttons will be a hurdle in the type of comfort you would like to provide to your guest.  


The size of your Airbnb TV depends on the size of your Airbnb room or unit. If you are looking to install an Airbnb TV in bedroom, a 40 to 50-inch TV will be suitable.  

If you are to install the TV in the living room of your rental property, you should go for larger TVs.  


When it comes to resolution, I would personally recommend you choose a TV that is at least 1080p (HD) or ideally a 4K UltraHD TV.  

The TVs that I have included in today’s list fulfill these requirements.  


Smart Features 

Your Smart TV must have smart features like Streaming capabilities, including Netflix, HBO, Prime Video and Hulu.  

Moreover, casting options such as Google Chromecast and Apple TV should be ideally built-in available in Airbnb rentals.

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