6 Best Smart Thermostat for Airbnb – Expert Opinion (2023)

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Apart from our day jobs or businesses, almost all of us look for an extra income stream that pays well. Airbnb can turn into one such income stream.  

Whether you have an entire apartment to rent out or a single room that is not being used at your home, Airbnb can help you make those extra bucks.  

However, although the money that comes is good, as an Airbnb owner you need to cut down your costs so that this whole new income stream idea stays in your favor and not against you! 

When it comes to cutting down the costs as an Airbnb host, you must keep in check the Heating and Cooling costs. This is where adding some of the best smart home devices for Airbnb comes into play, and one such device is the smart thermostat! 

It’s a device that can substantially reduce your energy bills and help you achieve greater profits with Airbnb. In this article, we will explore some of the best smart thermostat for Airbnb.  

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Buying Guide – Features to Look for in an Airbnb Thermostat  

Buying Guide (Smart Thermostat for Airbnb)

There are some smart thermostat features you should consider when buying a smart thermostat for your Airbnb unit. These are: 

Remote accessibility 

Your Airbnb smart thermostat should be controlled remotely through Android and iOS apps. This will ensure your total control and monitoring over your Airbnb unit while guests are over. You don’t need to be present near your Airbnb unit all the time if you have a remote controlled thermostat. 


All Airbnb thermostats should be programmable. This ensures the ability to set different schedules for different days when guests are over. Smart devices that are program smart programmable devices

Ability to lock/set temperature ranges 

As an Airbnb host, it is quite common to experience guests who set the temperature either too high or too low. This means that your Airbnb property will get either too hot or too cold unnecessarily.  

To avoid this, your Airbnb thermostat must provide you with the ability to lock the temperature range. No matter how high or low your guest sets the temperature, it will not go beyond your set temperature range. This will save you from energy wastage and lower your heating/cooling costs. 

Ability to attach External sensors

It is preferable (not necessary) for larger Airbnb properties to have such thermostats which support Smart Sensors.  

These sensors take into account when a door or window opens, to avoid unnecessary heating/cooling. Room sensors help balance temperature throughout the Airbnb property as they give the temperature of rooms far away from where the smart thermostat is installed.

Lets explore some of the best smart thermostats for airbnb in detail:


Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat 

The very first smart thermostat I trust for this very purpose is the Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat.  

Ecobee is an industry giant when it comes to smart thermostats for homes, and Airbnb is no exception! 

Easy installation even without C-wire 

Even if you are a layman, you will not find any difficulty installing the Ecobee smart thermostat at your home. 

The installation is app guided, which means that all the steps involved in the installation will be guided by the app, making it quite easy to install, taking anywhere between 30-45 minutes. Moreover, all the necessary equipment required for installation comes along with the thermostat.  

Fortunately, if your heating/cooling system does not have a C-wire, you still can install the Ecobee smart thermostat using the Power Extender Kit that comes in the package.  

Smart Sensors for more accurate temperature across the Airbnb unit 

If you own a large Airbnb unit or apartment, temperature maintenance might get difficult for any smart thermostat.  

In such scenarios, Airbnb guests complaint that the temperature in rooms further away from the Smart thermostat is colder or hotter than the temperature being displayed on the smart thermostat. 

This is where a Room sensor comes in handy. You can add smart sensors (additionally bought with Ecobee Lite) with this Ecobee smart thermostat to make sure that your entire Airbnb unit has a balanced temperature.  

Additionally smart sensors can be added with windows/doors which will detect if a window/door is opened, so heating/cooling will automatically pause, hence saving energy.  

An occupancy sensor can also be added to check if no one is around so that the heating/cooling can stop.  

According to me, these features make it the top member of the best smart thermostat for Airbnb league.


More control as you can lock temperature ranges  

As discussed earlier, to save energy (and cut down costs) in an Airbnb unit, we need to lock the temperature ranges so that the guests can’t go above or below a certain temperature range.  This can be easily achieved by using the Ecobee app.  

For example, you can set the heating and cool range locked to only cool down to 64 degrees and only heat to 79 degrees, which are quite optimal. The guests can set their desired temperature only within these ranges.  

This will save unnecessary heating or cooling and help you cut down Airbnb costs. A default temperature of 72F can help you save up to 26% each year on heating and cooling. 

Smartphone app and Smart Home Integration 

The Ecobee smartphone app for Android and iOS ensures that the smart thermostat can be remotely controlled from anywhere. 

This means that you have complete control over your Airbnb unit’s heating/cooling and temperature limits from anywhere around the world, making Ecobee a great Airbnb thermostat.  

Last but not the least, the Ecobee can easily be integrated with all smart home assistants including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, and IFTTT.  

What makes it unique?

The ability to add smart sensors makes the Ecobee thermostat unique. With additional sensors, each room’s temperature can be maintained in a more balanced way. This makes this thermostat great for large Airbnb apartments.

  • Remote control and Temperature control from your smartphone by using the Ecobee app
  • Ability to lock temperature ranges for Airbnb guests
  • Integration with your preferred smart home assistant/system
  • Energy Star certified
  • A great commercial thermostat with occupancy sensor (room sensor) compatibility
  • A 3-year limited warranty
  • Smart and room sensors do not come built-in, have to be bought separately

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Honeywell Home RCHT8610WF T5 Smart Thermostat 

 People always ask me which thermostat should I buy. They expect I’ll only go to the big brands that cost a lot. Well, that’s not something I usually do.  

While Ecobee and other big brands are great, Honeywell certainly is underrated and that’s exactly why I have added it in this list of best smart thermostat for Airbnb.  

Temperature limits and Notifications 

Using the Honeywell app, you can set the upper and lower temperature limits for your Airbnb unit. No matter how high or low your guests set the temperature cannot go beyond the limit set by you.  

You will also be notified in the app if the guest tries to adjust temperature beyond the allowed range. This is an essential feature to cut down energy bills for heating/cooling and gives you overall control over your Airbnb unit.   

Moreover, since it is a 7-day programmable you can easily set schedules for your guests for different days.  

Adaptive Recovery and Geofencing 

Due to Adaptive Recovery feature, your Airbnb guests will always enjoy the right temperature without any delays. The thermostat learns how long it takes to reach a certain temperature and automatically runs your HVAC system beforehand.  

Apart from that, the Geofencing feature ensures that your HVAC system doesn’t run when guests aren’t around, hence saving energy! 

These features make it one of the best smart thermostat for rental property. 

Great Compatibility and Integration 

The Honeywell smart thermostat has highly compatible with most HVAC Systems including forced air (gas, oil, or electric), hot water and steam, and heat pumps with electric backup.  

However, it does not work with electric baseboard heat (120-240V) and requires a C-Wire for installation.  

Apart from that, this is one of the best wifi thermostat for Airbnb as it can easily be integrated with all smart home assistants including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, IFTTT, Cortana, and others. 

What makes it unique?

The Geofencing feature makes this Smart Thermostat unique! It ensures that the thermostat does not run unnecessarily, hence increasing your savings.


  • The price is reasonable.
  • Easily integrated with all smart home Assistants including Alexa, Google Home, Siri etc.
  • Geofencing is a big plus and necessary for Airbnb.
  • Easy to install.
  • Does not give usage reports. 

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Google Nest Thermostat 

 Google Nest undoubtedly is an industry giant when it comes to a smart thermostat and it is certainly one of the best wifi thermostat for Airbnb. 

Simplest Installation even without a C-wire 

Google Nest is hands down the simplest thermostat to install. The entire process takes 30 minutes or less. 

The most important point here is that Nest smart thermostat works without a C wire with most systems, but for some systems like heating only, cooling only, zone controlled, and heat pump systems, you’ll need a C wire or other compatible power accessory.  

Moreover, it is compatible with 85% of heating and cooling Systems, making it one of the top smart home devices. 

Multiple ways of saving energy 

Nest is Energy Star certified so it is quite efficient at saving energy. It achieves this in several ways.  

Firstly, you have remote control through the Google Nest app (on both Android and iOS), which means you can easily set schedules to save energy.  

Secondly, your Nest thermostat will turns itself down when your guest leaves, which means that your HVAC system will not be on when no one is around.  

Ability to lock and set temperature limits 

As discussed earlier, being able to lock the smart thermostat is almost necessary for Airbnb.  

Nest thermostat allows you to lock it for guests and set upper and lower limits for temperature, making it one of the best smart thermostat for Airbnb. 

Smart Home integration and Maintenance 

Nest sends alerts on the Google Home app if your HVAC system needs maintenance.  

Last, but not the least, Nest is compatible with Google Assistant as well as with Amazon Alexa, which means you also have voice control, making it one of the best thermostat for Airbnb. 

What makes it unique?

Nest thermostats are compatible with a lot of different types of HVAC systems. This high level of combability makes the Nest thermostat stand out among others!

  • Design is attractive and complements your property
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands
  • Supports temperature scheduling and routines
  • Lets you monitor your energy consumption and suggests ways to cut back
  • Warns you about potential HVAC issues
  • Geofencing can be finicky 

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Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat for Smart Home 

The one with buttons 

If you are a bit old-school and want to control your Airbnb unit with a traditional looking thermostat that is smart, Emerson Sensi should be your choice. 

It is a great thermostat that has buttons like a traditional thermostat and has a intuitive UI to interact with.  It can easily replace your old thermostat.

7-day scheduling and remote Control

Emerson can be scheduled differently for all 7-days. This means your Airbnb guest can schedule it differently for different days or you can schedule them yourself if necessary.  

You can control your smart thermostat’s temperature using the Emerson mobile app. This means it has remote accessibility and also Geofencing; it turns down when no one is around, saving a lot of energy of your Airbnb unit. 

Moreover, you can set temperature limits and lock the thermostat’s screen to avoid unnecessary temperature changes by your Airbnb guests. 

Overall, the Emerson thermostat saves around 23% of your HVAC energy! 

Energy Usage and Humidity Monitoring 

You can easily keep track monitor your home’s monthly energy usage in the mobile app  

Moreover, the Emerson app also provides signs on the mobile app and the thermostat screen whenever maintenance of your HVAC system is due.   

App-guided Installation and Configuration 

The Emerson app provides step by step guidance during the installation and configuration of the smart thermostat. 

This means that you can easily replace your Airbnb unit’s traditional thermostat easily.  

Moreover, in most applications C wire is not required, making it even more flexible to install.  

Costs less and delivers more 

The thing I admire the most in Emerson smart thermostat is its high value for money.  

If you are looking for a smart thermostat under $100, look no further! The Emerson thermostat costs around 100$, yet offers all the necessary features that should be there in the best smart thermostat for Airbnb.  

What makes it unique?

The low cost of the Emerson Sensi thermostat makes it unique. The thermostat has all the required features at a very low cost.

  • Contains the geofencing feature to detect Airbnb guests.
  • Highly compatible with the majority of HVAC systems
  • UI is customizable
  • Automatically detects temperature and humidity extremes
  • The useron can’t prevent the thermostat from going into sleep mode

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Amazon Smart Thermostat 

If you are an Alexa enthusiast and like controlling your Airbnb unit with Alexa, then this Smart thermostat is the perfect one for you! 

Save money for the good 

The Amazon smart thermostat will save on average around 50$ on your yearly electricity, decreasing your Airbnb unit’s overall cost. 

The intuitive Alexa app provides remote access 

The Amazon Alexa app is highly intuitive. You can remotely control your Airbnb room/unit’s temperature even when you are away or at work.   

If you already have Alexa in your property, I would recommend you to buy this smart thermostat. 

The Alexa app is highly intuitive to use and I have personally heard satisfied customers tell me how easily you can set up schedules in it.  

You can set up away schedules as well which means that when guests are not over, it will turn down your rental property’s heating/cooling system. You can also lock the temperature and set upper and lower temperature ranges; a feature necessary in smart thermostats for rental property.  

 Moreover, you don’t have manually set each day’s schedule. You can simply create a single day’s schedule and copy them for the rest of the days. This is something that Google Nest does not provide.  


App-guided installation 

The Alexa app is your savior when it comes at avoiding those tedious installations. 

The Alexa app will guide you throughout the installation process of the Amazon smart thermostat. 

In case you still face any difficulty, Amazon’s customer support is available 24/7.  

Trusted Brand 

Amazon being a trusted brand has the most advanced hardware and software for its thermostat.  

The smart thermostat is backed by Honeywell which has been a trusted brand for decades, so it deserves a spot in the quest for the best smart thermostat for Airbnb.  

Highly Budget-friendly and easy to Install 


If you want to straight away set up a smart thermostat on your property without high costs and complex installation procedures, the Amazon Smart thermostat is for you! 

The package provides everything (a face plate, the screws and anchors, mounting bracket). You will need a drill to properly put in the anchors for the whole assembly.  

The wire connection to the assembly is made easy using the connectors spring clips (instead of the old screw methods of connection). The amazon web link for the installation will walk you through all the steps, connecting it to your rental property’s wifi, and testing out furnace/AC system once done. 

The best part is that Amazon is highly budget-friendly as compared to other big brands like Nest and Ecobee.  

What makes it unique?

Simple installation of the Amazon Thermostat makes it unique. If you want an easy installation process for your new thermostat, go for the Amazon Thermostat.


  • Budget friendly smart thermostat
  • Works with Alexa
  • Remote access through Alexa app. 
  • Works only with Alexa and not with Google Assistant, HomeKit, or IFTTT. 

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iDevices IDEV0005AND5 FBA_2843481 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat 

Here’s another lesser-known smart devices brand when it comes to smart thermostats!  

A thermostat under $100  

If you are looking for the best smart thermostat under $100, here is your go go-tooduct!  

The iDevices Wifi smart thermostat costs less than $100 and provides great features for your Airbnb unit.  

Great Compatibility and Integration 

This smart thermostat works with most heating and cooling systems. However, it requires C wire for connection.  

To check the compatibility with your HVAC system, you can refer to the iDevices support portal. 

Moreover, the iDevices Android and iOS app makes thermostat setup simple. 

Voice control and remote accessibility made simple 

Despite being low-priced, the iDevices smart thermostat can be accessed from anywhere using the iDevices Connected app. This makes control easy when you are away from your Airbnb apartment/unit.  

Not only that but can easily be integrated with popular smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Home.  

Overall, the iDevice smart thermostat provides great value for money and is also reliable as it has a 2-year warranty, making it one of my candidates for the best smart thermostat for Airbnb. 

  • Great value for money
  • Remote accessibility is simple
  • No hub necessary
  • Some app features are not consistent

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A Smart thermostat can be a great addition in your Airbnb unit. It will not only save a lot of HVAC energy, but will also give you complete control over your rental property.  

As a result, your Airbnb’s overall cost will come down! 

 All the best smart thermostat for Airbnb that I have explored in this article provide great value-for-money and are suitable for an Airbnb property. Choose the one that fulfills your precise requirements and you are good to go! 



Where Do You Place a Thermostat? 

 Interior walls are the best place to place a smart thermostat. Walls that are away from doors, windows and any area of ventilation. This will ensure consistent temperature across all rooms of your Airbnb property.  


Why Should I Have a Thermostat in my Airbnb? 

 There are two parts to this question. Firstly, keep in mind that most energy in Airbnb is consumed by heating/cooling, therefore a smart thermostat can cut down your Airbnb utility costs and give you full control over your Airbnb property. 

Secondly, an Airbnb thermostat will be a convenience for your guest, they can experience accurate temperatures, ability to control temperature and set schedules. 


Is Ecobee better than Nest? 

Ecobee is better than Nest when it comes to the overall value for money. It has one built-in sensor and Alexa speaker. Nest is an expensive choice but simpler to install. 

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