7 Best Smart Lock for Outdoor Gate (2023 Guide and Review)  

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There used to be a time when smart homes were a futuristic concept that seemed far from reality. I remember how movies used to depict fancy mansion-like homes having voice command devices and smart security systems. 

Fast forward to 2023: The IoT industry is on the roll. Smart homes have now become a reality and little does it take to turn your conventional home into a Smart one!  

Gates are the entry point of all homes and making them smart shall be the first step in transforming your home into a smart home!  

I have researched some of the best smart locks specially for this purpose. These locks can be installed on almost any conventional gate, so without wasting any further minute, let’s explore the list of Best Smart Lock for Outdoor Gate.  


1. Lametuty Fingerprint Smart Padlock (Best Affordable Smart Lock for Outdoor Gate)  


Forget conventional keys because your finger is now the key: 

This is a heavy-duty fingerprint smart padlock that will put your struggle of forgetting keys or passwords to an end. It is a keyless padlock that will allow you to set up 15 fingerprints.  

Aluminum Allow; perfect for outdoor use:

You might be wondering how do you lock a garden gate from the outside? Well, here’s the answer! This Smart padlock’s body is made out of alloy while the beam is made of stainless steel. Moreover, it has an IP65 which means it is a weatherproof lock for outdoor gates. 

Provides Mobile App Unlock:

The Lametuty Fingerprint Smart Padlock is a Bluetooth gate lock that can be unlocked with a free Mobile app. Not only that but you can also set users’ unlock time period and track unlock records.

This makes the padlock a great smart home security device!  

The Lametuty smart lock is the most affordable smart lock you will find on the market. It is not only affordable but is also durable and provides great value for money! 

  • Strongly built body.
  • Weatherproof with IP65 rating.
  • Easy to install and program.
  • Affordable pick.
  • Accurate in reading fingerprints.
  • Auto-lock for 30 seconds after successful entry (preventing re-entry).
  • Back up key works fine if the fingerprint sensor fails.
  • The battery drains quickly when used daily. 

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2. ULTRALOQ U-bolt Pro:

The ULTROQ U-bolt Pro is a keyless lock that is robust and will fit perfectly on almost any door. The smart lock has a unique aesthetic design that enhances the looks of your door. 

Multiple methods to gain access:

This smart lock provides five ways to unlock your door. These include unlock with code, magic shake, auto-unlock and unlock using the smartphone app (Android or iOS). If none of these methods work, there is always a backup key to the rescue!  

Like many other smart home devices, the ULTRALOQ U-bolt Pro is fully controllable by the smartphone app, which makes it a great choice.

One of the best weatherproof smart lock for outdoor gates:

Since it is built with Zinc materials so it can work on a wide range of door sizes, including metal and wood. This makes it one of the best smart lock for outdoor gate. 

Share access with other home members:

Another amazing feature of this lock is that you can grant easy access to your family, guests, or other home members via code or an eKey for permanent access and specific dates or periods of time.  

Auto lock and data encryption 

When it comes to smart home devices, encryption is like icing on the cake! This ULTRALOQ smart lock has dual data encryption which will make it impossible to open your outdoor gate without your permission.  

Moreover, this smart lock also comes with an auto-lock feature which means that your gate will automatically lock as you leave and unlocks when you arrive.  

Overall, I would say that this smart lock is a great pick as it provides good value for money.  

  • It comes with a keyless entry and 10 digits anti-peep keypad.
  • Easy DIY installation process.
  • Allows automatic Locking and Unlocking.
  • Allows you to control entry remotely.
  • Incredible user management.
  • Poor customer support. 

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3.  4th Generation of August Wi-Fi Smart lock 



Next up on our list is the 4th Generation of August Wi-Fi. August has a great reputation in the smart lock market.

There are a lot of August smart home locks available, but the 4th Generation of August has the most advanced smart features.

When it comes to design, this outdoor smart lock is hands down the best one! It has a solid round body with a matt finish. 

Built-in Wi-Fi makes it work with your favorite voice assistant 

What truly makes it stand out is its seamless integration with all popular voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, and more.

This means that you can open your gate just by giving a voice command while reclining on your favorite couch! Moreover, you can connect it with other smart devices. This ensures its integration with other smart home devices.

You don’t need key copying because this smart lock comes with an app that provides remote access to multiple users (of your choice).

You can control and share permanent, scheduled, or temporary access to your home with friends, family, and other trustable people of your choice.  

The Installation is really easy on any door/gate 

The August Wi-fi smart lock is quite easy to install. Installation takes only 10 minutes. Moreover, August locks are installed only on the inside of the door, so your design for your front door/gate doesn’t have to adapt. 

  • Easy to install on the door.
  • It’s an inexpensive lock that is incredibly easy to install.
  • It makes your doors more secure by eliminating the risk of lost keys.
  • 4th Generation works well with its smartphone app.
  • The app is very poor.
  • It does not support 5GHZ. 

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4. ULTRALOQ UL3 BT 2nd Gen Smart Lock 

When it comes to smart lock for outdoor gate, ULTRALOQ UL3 BT 2nd Gen Smart gate lock is a modern keyless smart lock that is known for its convenience.  

Multiple unlock methods 

This is a 5-in-1 keyless entry smart lock. There are five different unlock methods including fingerprint scan, code or PIN. Other methods are unlock via smartphone, shake to open and finally a backup mechanical key. This feature is, not only for domestic users but also for those who are finding a smart lock for commercial use.  

Apart from that, the app allows you to view users, and make a log. 

Strong build that is Weatherproof  

It is made from a strong zinc-metal alloy with a single latch and reversible handle that is easy to use. The smart lock has a weatherproof external lever with a single latch.  

This truly fulfills the purpose here, making this lock one of the best smart lock for outdoor gate. 

Installation is Super easy 

This smart lock will easily replace your existing lever/knob on standard doors with a single hole. The installation can be made using just a screwdriver which is included in the pack.  

Therefore, this smart lock is Ideal for doors with no deadbolts like side entry doors, garage entry, basement, home offices, bedrooms, or offices. 

Overall, I would say that ULTRALOQ UL3 BT 2nd Gen Smart Lock Is a great addition to your outdoor smart lock homekit.  

  • It is quite easy to install and use.
  • Durable weatherproof construction.
  • Has a long battery life (up to one year).
  • You cannot delete users with the iOS app.  

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5. Schlage BE365: 

Schlage outdoor gate locks are branded smart locks that are known for their durability.  If you are looking for the most durable smart gate lock, the Schlage BE365 can be a perfect choice. Here’s why: 

Smart door locks can’t get more durable than this! 

The lock strongly built as well as water resistant, making it a great choice for outdoor gates. Add a bead of caulking around the edges of this lock and it will stay intact and working for a decade. 

High-quality metal construction gives the lock an overall strong and durable look; the Grade 2/AAA rating offers trusted security and durability for residential and light commercial applications.  

With this smart lock, you can use 2 pre-assigned codes as well as assign up to 19 new codes for trusted friends and family. This gives seamless security to your home.  

The smart lock has a simple yet visually appealing keypad that illuminates when pressed. This makes it easier to type in the secret code even when it’s dark, and makes it the right lock for places with low light.

It has to offer all the necessary features of a smart lock 

While buying products, there is mostly a trade-off between durability and features. The good news is that this smart lock for outdoor gates offers both!  

The smart lock can typically be unlocked from the outside with a valid user code and can be locked by pressing the Schlage button and turning outside thumb turn.  

In case you have forgotten the code, the backup key is there to the rescue! 

This smart lock is the perfect choice for your garage entry doors, exterior doors, front doors, back, and side doors, etc. 

The lock weighs only 5 pounds and measures 4.2 x 3.2 x 5.5 inches, making it a great outdoor weatherproof smart lock.  

  • Low battery indicator.
  • A back-lit keypad that is so easy to use that even little hands can operate it.
  • Pre-programmed with two access codes so you can immediately use it after the installation process.
  • Comes with two backup keys if the battery suddenly does not work.
  • Has an all-metal chassis for durability and strength.
  • Has no motorized interior parts that will break down plus this does not have a motorized deadbolt so the battery should last a long time.
  • Easy to set up and program.
  • In the winter due to the cold, the battery may not last as long, causing the catching mechanism not to work.
  • Not easy to replace the battery.  You have to take the housing off from the inside using a screwdriver in order to replace the battery.
  • The back is plastic.

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 6. MEGAFEIS Fingerprint Smart Padlock

Padlocks are one of the best smart lock for outdoor gate, so why not explore another smart padlock? The MEGAFEIS Fingerprint smart lock has the following features: 

Incredibly weather resistant

Weather resistance is a must-have thing for any outdoor gate smart lock. You can use it anywhere because it is water-resistant, tamper-resistant, and has a truly compact size. The smart lock is IP65 weatherproof which protects it against dust and water. 

Fully Biometric along with a smartphone app

Nothing can be more convenient than walking to yur gate, touching the lock, and moving into your home sweet home. This is what I love about biometric (or fingerprint) smart locks.  

Moreover, you can connect this smart lock to a free bile app using Bluetooth connectivity.

You can also use the app to register fingerprints, unlock, set authorized users, check the last 1000 unlock activities, etc.  You can also authorize and share the lock with your family/friends to use.  

Great battery time

What truly makes this smart lock best for outdoor gates is its incredible battery timing. The MEGAFEIS Smart padlocks have lower power consumption and longer standby time.  

The USB rechargeable 150MAH lithium battery can support up to 6 months of standby time or 2-month (2500 times of unlocking) on one charge.

When out of battery, the smart lock will remain locked, simply connect to a USB power supply and recover. 

Compact and Lightweight

This smart lock is quite lightweight and has a very compact body. This makes the smart lock to get used in any outdoor scenarios.

Whether it’s your lawn’s fence gate, outdoor garage gate, or gym locker, this smart lock fulfills all these purposes! 

  • This smart lock is really easy to set up
  • Fast unlock via fingerprint.
  • Simple, easy way to protect your gym locker or other valuables.
  • You need to touch it to work its Bluetooth function.
  • Works well for multiple fingerprints.

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7. Prezlock Smart Padlock

Easy to install:

Since it is a padlock, it’s super easy to install. All you need to do is physically set it up on your outdoor gate and then store your fingerprint on it.

Once installed, it can easily be opened by fingerprint. The fingerprint gets scanned within a second without any delays!

Multiple fingerprints:

The Prezlock Smart Padlock can store up to 100 fingerprints, which means you can share it with family, friends, and any expected and authorized visitors.


One of the top features a smart lock can have is weatherproofing. Fortunately, the IP65 weatherproofing of the Prezlock smart padlock protects it from rain and dust.

This makes it one of the best smart lock for outdoor gate.

Top-notch security and durability:

This smart lock is built with heavy-duty alloy metal and Boron Steel to yield high body rigidity and solid security.

Durable TPU material body shield and PVD plated shackle protect the surface of your locked items. The lock has ASTM Grade 3 rating and can withstand a pulling force of over 1000 pounds with its patented Double Ball Rollers locking mechanism.

Easily rechargeable:

The Prezlock smart padlock has a lithium battery. It can be easily charged with one quick charge with its Type C port.

Not only that, but the battery life is quite impressive, which means that you can perform thousands of unlocks with a single charge!

In case the lock runs out of battery, it will lock itself and stay locked unless it is connected to a power supply.

Backup key to the rescue:

In case the lock is unable to be opened using the fingerprint, or there is an electronic malfunction, the backup key is always there for the rescue.

  • Tamper and water resistant.
  • Robust fingerprint detection.
  • Long battery life.
  • Only 2 ways of opening the lock; no app or remote access.

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Features to Consider While Buying Smart Lock for Outdoor gate (Buying Guide)


A lot of the best smart locks available in the market are great for a front door that is sheltered from the elements but will not withstand weather elements like rain and snow.  

If you can find a lock that has an IP waterproof rating (such as the MEGAFEIS and ULTRALOQ products above), you are good to go because you know your lock will withstand rain, snow, dirt, and dust. 

Many other locks lack a waterproof rating but are still durable enough to withstand outdoor use. In this case, you may want to consider caulking or other ways to block water entry into the lock.  

But if you need a smart door lock that lacks waterproofing altogether, you will have to buy or build a shield for your lock.  In this case, you must consider your smart lock’s size before making a purchase decision. 

Long Battery Time

Battery capacity should be a major concern when buying a smart lock for outdoor gates. The best choice shall be the one with a rechargeable battery.  

Alternative Unlock 

Besides using an app to unlock the smart padlock, there should be one or more alternate methods to unlock emergency cases. 


Weather and extreme temperatures can have adverse effects on smart door locks. Therefore, smart lock for outdoor gate must be tamper-resistant.  

Ease of Installation

Smart door locks that claim 15-20 minutes of installation are truly easy to install and require no extra drilling in the door. Ideally, your smart lock should be of this nature.  

Also, remember that gates often don’t fit with the same precision as doors. 

Front doors are usually fixed at one position with even hinges. On the other hand, outdoor gates are not so even and it might be trickier to install smart locks on the, I personally believe that padlocks are the best choice for outdoor gates if you want an extremely easy installation.  


Smart gate locks are a great addition to your home, but buying one might be tricky.

Now that you have gone through the list of the best smart lock for outdoor gate, you might have figured out which lock precisely meets your requirements and scenario.  

All the above-listed locks are great for outdoor gates, and I hope you make the right choice.

Most smart locks listed above can be a great addition to your home and buying the perfect lock definitely can be the first step towards turning your home into a futuristic smart home!  

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