How to Reset Kwikset Halo lock? The Perfect Guide! (2023)


Almost all electronic devices and gadgets run into errors at some point in time. The Kwikset Halo lock is no exception! 

It might be possible that your Kwikset Halo lock ran into an error, which you are unable to understand. It might also be possible that you want to wipe off the settings and PIN of an existing Kwikset Halo lock.  

In all these cases, factory resetting the Kwikset Halo lock is one of the best solutions! The next question that comes up in our mind is how to reset Kwikset Halo lock? Worry not, because in today’s article I am going to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to do so! 


How to reset Kwikset Halo Lock (Step-by-Step Guide) 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to factory reset your Kwikset Halo lock. Follow each step so that you can successfully reset it: 

Step 1: Remove the screws 


Step 1
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The first thing is to remove the two screws on both sides of your Kwikset Halo lock (using a screwdriver).  

An additional screw might be located at the bottom of the Kwikset lock. If it’s there, remove it too.  


Step 2: Remove the face plate 


Once the screws have been removed, you can simply pull the face plate of the Kwikset lock to expose the internal buttons.  


Step 3: Take out the Battery pack  


Step 3
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 Take out the battery pack from the top of the Kwikset Halo lock.  


Step 4: Press and hold the program button. 


Step 4
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Press and hold the Program button located at the center of the Kwikset lock. Do not release it! 


Step 5: Keep holding the button for 30 seconds, and simultaneously re-insert the battery from the top.  


Step 5
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Step 6: Release the button after 30 seconds 

Step 6
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Once you release the button, you will see a red and green flashing light.  

Press it one more time and the light will turn green only.  


Final step
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This means that the Kwikset Halo lock has been successfully reset!  

Now, let the door stay freely. Keep it (the door) open and it’s going to relearn the door lock orientation. 

Keep in mind that after this factory reset of the Kwikset Halo lock, no user codes will be stored, nor will the lock be connected to the Kwikset app or your wi-fi network. 

For all those things to happen, you need to set up the Kwikset Halo lock again.  


How to set up Kwikset Halo lock? (Step-by-Step Guide) 


Setting up the Kwikset Halo lock is simple. Follow these steps and you will be good to go: 

Step 1: Download and open the Kwikset app 

Step 2: Remove the face plate of your Kwikset Halo lock by unscrewing screws on the sides. 

Step 3: Press and hold the A button for 3 seconds. The A button is located on upper left side of the Kwikset Halo lock.  

Step 4: This will turn on the Bluetooth of the Kwikset lock. The app will search for this Bluetooth device.  

Step 5: Once the lock is successfully connected to your phone’s Kwikset app, it will prompt you to name your lock. Give a desirable name to it.  

Step 6: Now the app will guide you to connect to your home’s wifi. It might take around 5 minutes to search for the wifi. Be patient and let the app do its job until it finds your wifi connection. 

Step 7: Select your wifi from the list and provide it with its password.  

Step 8: Finally, the app will make you set up an Access code for the Kwikset Halo lock. Fill all the fields that show up on this screen. 

 Success! You have now successfully set up your Kwikset Halo lock after factory resetting it!  


Summing it up 

Factory resetting your Kwikset lock is one of the last solutions to a problem that you are encountering. However, if the need arises, you can always reset it and take a fresh start with your Kwikset lock. In this article, I tried to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to reset Kwikset Halo lock.  

Moreover, once you factory reset it, you need to set up the Kwikset lock again. That was also covered in this post. I hope this article was helpful for you! 

Happy Smart Homing! 




How to add user code on my Smartcode touchscreen? 

When Mastercode is enabled, you can add user codes in this way: 

1. Keep the door open. Press the Program button once. The Checkmark will flash five times and you will hear five beeps.
2. Press Checkmark symbol once.
3. Enter Mastercode.
4. Press Lock symbol once
5. Enter new user code.
6. Press Lock symbol once. 

How do you unlock Kwikset lock in Halo? 

You can unlock the Kwikset Halo deadbolt using the Kwikset app, an Access code or a physical key.  

If you want to unlock it from the inside, you can do it by turning the tiny sleek piece!  

How many phones can be connected to Kwikset Halo? 

Your Kwikset Halo lock can be paired to up to 8 different smartphones! 

How long do Kwikset Halo batteries last? 

The Kwikset Halo AA batteries will last for up to 6 months. After that, you need to replace them. 

How do I check my halo battery? 

There are multiple ways in which you can check your Kwikset Lock’s battery.  

  1. If the battery is low, the status LED withy blink Red.  
  2. The exterior LED with flash red signifying low battery 
  3. You can also check your lock’s battery level from inside the Kwikset app. 
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