5 Best TV under 700 USD (Brand New in 2023!)

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Are you looking for the Best TV under 700 USD? If yes, you have landed on the right page! With ever enhanced functionality, Smart TVs have overridden conventional TVs and have become a modern-day reality! There is hardly any home today without a Smart TV. The reason for that is their low cost and high value for money, as compared to when they were first introduced.  

Smart TVs offer impressive specs, smart features and streaming options. Fortunately, there are many budget-friendly Smart TV options available in 2023. I have researched and explored the Best Smart TVs that are under 700 USD. Let’s explore each option one by one:  


1.TCL 55″ Class 6-Series 4K Mini-LED UHD QLED (Best Overall TV under 700 USD) 

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Let’s start off the list with the TCL 6-series 4K QLED TV. This is our pick for you as we believe it is the best overall Smart TV that is under 700 Dollars.  

Since it is a Google TV, it includes impressive smart features such as availability of streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube etc. What really impressed me about the smart features of this TV is its hands-free voice control.  

This means that you can just say “Hey Google” without picking up the remote, and the TV will perform the task in the blink of an eye! There is no Smart TV with hands-free voice control that I could find at this price.  

The TCL 6 Series has 4K display with 120Hz Refresh Rate. There are very few Smart TVs in the market with a refresh rate of 120Hz at this price. The screen is bright, and the contrast levels are great. The blackness levels of the TCL 6 Series TV impressed me, as I wasn’t expecting such pitch-black images on this TV.  

The TV also does a great job at local dimming which is why the images appear vibrant yet natural. Thanks to its QLED screen which offers greater contrast and brightness than conventional LED displays. However, off-angle viewing is where the TCL 6 series needs improvements!  

Now since we are talking about the overall best TV under 700 USD, it would be unfair if we neglect the gaming capabilities of this TV. The TCL 6 series has full support for both Xbox and PS5 and the TV automatically detects the consoles as soon as you connect. It then goes into game mode, which offers VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and HDR with minimal input lag. What else do you need for gaming anyway? 

Overall, the TCL 6 Series offers great picture quality, gaming capabilities and smart features. I personally would recommend you to buy this TV if you are looking for a TV under 700 USD.  

What makes it unique? 

The TCL 6 Series has great blackness levels as well and it is the only TV in our list that has a 120Hz display. These specifications make it stand out among its competitors.  

  • 4K display with 120Hz Refresh Rate.
  • Great choice for Gaming
  • Blackness levels are remarkable
  • Offers hands-free voice control  
  • Off-angle viewing needs improvement 


2.Amazon Fire TV 55″ Omni QLED Series 4K  


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The Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED is another great pick if you are looking for the best TV under 700 Dollars.  

The TV comes with the incredible Fire TV OS which runs effortlessly. Navigation between the apps is super-smooth. The TV moves as quickly as you press buttons on the remote, as there is minimal input lag. The OS has all your favorite streaming apps on the Home screen and the overall usability and UX of this TV is really impressive.  

What impressed me about this TV was that it’s centered around Amazon Alexa. The TV has built-in microphones and provides hands-free voice control via Alexa. More importantly, you can easily hook up other smart devices such as the Ring Doorbell and Camera with this TV. Similarly, if you already have an Alexa Echo device, you can easily connect it with this TV and build on your Alexa ecosystem! It can virtually act as a Smart Home hub rather than just a TV. 

Now let’s talk about the Picture quality of the Amazon Omni TV. One of the major reasons that I have put this TV on the second spot (not below that) is because it has a QLED display rather than a conventional LED. Due to this, the TV has great contrast and blackness levels. As it has a QLED screen, the local dimming and brightness levels are also decent. I would say overall, the picture is relatively great at this price.  

Talking about its Gaming capabilities, the Amazon Omni QLED TV does not beat other TVs mentioned here! Now, I wouldn’t say that gaming is poor on this TV, but it is not as good since it doesn’t support VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and has a 60 Hz display. If you are going to use your Smart TV extensively for gaming, I would suggest that you should not go for this TV.  

What makes it Unique? 

The ability to connect and integrate with various other devices makes it unique! I have always believed that integration is at the heart of IoT and Smart devices, so I simply love such devices which have a good potential for integration.  

Moreover, the Fire TV OS is also phenomenal and gives a tough competition to the Roku OS. 

  • Integration with other Smart devices is possible
  • Lag free Fire TV OS is exceptional
  • Provides hands-free voice control
  • Local dimming and contrast are great. 
  • Not so good for Gaming 


3.Hisense 50-Inch R6 Series 4K UHD Roku Smart TV (Best Budget TV under 700 USD) 


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Next up in our list is the Hisense R6 Series 4K Roku TV, which is an impressive budget friendly TV. It provides all the necessary features of a Smart TV yet doesn’t cost you a fortune.   

The best thing about the Hisense R6 is its Roku OS.  The Roku OS is super user-friendly and provides all the required streaming apps without any lag. The navigation between these apps is also smooth. Another cool smart feature is that the Hisense R6 provides voice control through the remote or via Roku app. 

As far as picture is concerned, the TV has 4K resolution, and when I tested it, it can upscale HDR content to 4K in a quite decent manner. Peak brightness levels are reasonable if not the best. Contrast levels are satisfactory. However, off-angle viewing is not good at all, which might be a concern for you if you’ll be viewing this TV from the sides.   

Although the Refresh rate is 60 Hz, this TV is still pretty good for gaming. Now I am not talking about hardcore gamers, but for general gamers, I believe it will provide pretty good gaming experience.     

What makes it unique?  

The budget-friendliness of this Hisense TV makes it unique. Moreover, the user-friendly Roku OS is a huge plus. If you are a Roku OS fan, the Hisense R6 is the Best TV under 700 USD for you! 

  • Roku OS is intuitive
  • The TV is super budget-friendly
  • Voice control is supported 
  • Off-angle viewing is not good at all


4.LG 50-Inch Class UQ9000 Series Alexa Built-in 4K


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Now we have an LG TV that is within your budget! The LG UQ9000 is among very few LG TVs that are not so expensive.  

The LG UQ9000 has 4K resolution at 60Hz Refresh rate which produces great picture. The colors are great while the contrast levels are just satisfactory. The TV has a Gen 5 AI Processor which does a great job at enhancing SD and HD content to 4K!  

The LG UQ9000 comes with the LG WebOS, which has all your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney+ etc. Interestingly, the TV comes with the Magic remote and takes voice commands via Alexa. An interesting feature is that this LG TV is one of the few Smart TVs that has a built-in Web browser! Moreover, you can speak into the remote to play your favorite show on the LG TV.  

The TV does a decent job at Gaming as well. Although the screen is 60Hz, there is a Game Optimizer mode which gives you flexibility while gaming. Interestingly, the input lag of this TV was recorded at just 9.5ms, which is exceptional in this price bracket.  

The Smart TV also includes Apple Airplay, which is great news for all the Apple lovers out there. 

What makes it Unique? 

The exceptionally low input lag makes it stand out among its competitors.  

  • 4K upscaling is great
  • Very low input lag, great for gamers.
  • Apple Airplay and built-in Alexa is included  
  • Contrast levels are not very good


5.Sony 43 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X80K Series 


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Last, but not the least we have the Sony 4K X80K Google TV. This is a remarkable Smart TV under 700 Dollars.  

The TV includes built-in Chromecast, as it’s a Google TV. You can easily cast your screen or any app (e.g Netflix, Youtube), movie or show from your phone to the TV. Moreover, the Sony TV also has built-in Google Assistant which means you can control it by giving voice commands.  

As far as the Picture quality is concerned, the Sony TV is known for its color vibrancy. The display is vibrant and it produces over a billion accurate colors. The overall picture quality is great, thanks to its UltraHD screen. However, off-angle viewing is still not as good as the OLED TVs like the TCL or Amazon Fire we explored above.  

The Sony TV has MotionFlow XR technology which smoothens scenes with motion/moving objects. This is particularly useful when watching sports or while gaming. The TV has great features for PS5 as well. Overall, it’s a great TV for gaming.  

Since it is a Google TV, there are a lot of streaming options to choose from. The TV has all the streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video etc. An amazing feature is that the Sony TV offers Apple Airplay 2, which is great news for all Apple users.  

Due to its powerful processor, 4K upscaling was also above average, especially at this price. Moreover, the TV impressed me with its integration potential. It can easily be integrated with Alexa, and you can give Alexa commands to control this TV.   

What makes it Unique? 

The availability of Apple Airplay 2 and vibrant colors of the Sony X80K makes it unique and one of the Best TV under 700 Dollars.  


How to choose the Best TV under 700 USD – Buying Guide 



For obvious reasons, price should be the number 1 concern when looking for a TV that is under 700 USD. We need to neglect TVs that are expensive.  


Picture Quality/Resolution 

The Picture quality includes Display Resolution, Refresh rate, color vibrancy and a wide-viewing angle.  

Ideally, we should look for a Smart TV with a wide viewing angle (without degrading brightness), a higher refresh rate e.g 120Hz and a 4K Display Resolution.  


Smart Features 

Nearly all TVs these days are Smart. This means that we need to select a TV that has reasonable smart features like all popular streaming apps, voice control, casting options etc.   


Input Lag 

Input Lag means the delay that occurs when you press a button on the remote and when the TV actually performs that command. Ideally, the lag should be as little as possible.  


Operating System 

The Operating System (OS) of the TV should be user-friendly and intuitive. Controls and buttons should be placed where it’s easier for you to access. Navigation between the apps should be simple and quick!  


How we Chose?  

We considered all these factors while making a list of TVs for this article. Price and Picture quality were our number one concern when positioning the TVs. We tried including TVs that offer a great overall package at a price lower than 700 Dollars.  



TVs can be divided into low, medium and high price ranges. Expensive TVs are great, but what really makes a TV outstanding is the value-for-money that it offers.  

In this article we discussed the Best TVs under 700 USD. If I had to choose one from these TVs, I would definitely go for the TCL 6 Series due to its overall performance and Smart features. However, you can choose any TV from the list, since all of them are great picks for a price less than 700. 

Happy Smart Homing!  

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