5 Best Smart Thermostat without C wire (2023)

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Back in the old days, thermostats were not so smart, and therefore they did not need a constant power supply.  

 As technology evolved, almost all new thermostats are smart ones. However, as they say, “With great power comes great responsibility”, such is the case here as well, and here’s why.   

Since smart thermostats need a constant power supply, most of them have a C wire requirement, to draw power from the Heating system of your home.  

Although installing a smart thermostat with C-wire is not so complicated, it’s not very simple either for someone who is hesitant to touch wires. 

If you are that someone, don’t worry because you can still install a smart thermostat with no C wire.  

In this article, I have collected and explored some of the best smart thermostat without C wire.   

1. Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostats for Smart Home (Best Thermostat no C wire)   


First up on our list is the Emerson Sensi Smart thermostat which is a trusted choice and a great digital thermostat without C wire 

Simple DIY Installation 

This smart thermostat is really easy to install, as the Emerson app will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to connect it to your Heating/Cooling system. 

Another level of simplicity is that the smart thermostat does not require a C-wire for connection for most of the applications.  

This makes the entire setup process really simple because now you don’t have to find where the c-wire is located in your Heating/Cooling system. 

Smartphone app and remote accessibility   

I remember back when I was actively working in the field of IoT, as soon as we were done with the hardware of our project, the next important thing was always to determine a way in which we can remotely access the hardware device.  

The case with all smart devices is the same as my past projects; having remote accessibility through the mobile app or a web portal unleashes the true power of IoT devices!      

You can easily change your home’s temperature from anywhere around the world using the Emerson Sensi app.   

Apart from controlling the temperature, the app also makes it easy for you to configure your smart thermostat and also generates energy consumption reports.  

Saves a lot of HVAC Energy and has Smart maintenance 

Well, if someone asks me what’s the main reason to install a smart thermostat I will undoubtedly say: Saving power and reducing energy usage! 

The question that arises is how much energy does Emerson save? Since it is Energy Star certified, it can save up to 23% of HVAC Energy, which can remarkably reduce your bills.  

This great amount of energy saving is achieved by its built-in features like remote accessibility, flexible scheduling, and providing usage reports.   

Last but not the least, the Emerson Sensi smart thermostat is a built-in smart maintenance mechanism. This means that you don’t need to worry about when your HVAC system requires maintenance.   

This smart thermostat monitors the condition of your HVAC system daily and gives you maintenance alerts when it’s time, so you don’t need to keep manual track of when the maintenance is due.   

This feature is my personal favorite across all smart devices, making Emerson my personal best smart thermostat without a c wire.  

  • Works with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and Google
  • Clear directions and easy setup
  • Sleek design
  • Not suitable for large homes.

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2. Ecobee Smart Thermostat (Best Ecobee smart thermostat without C wire)

Next up, in our list of best smart thermostat without C wire (Common wire) are the Ecobee Smart thermostats. 

Ecobee is a modern-day giant in smart thermostats and therefore it has produced a smart thermostat that offers the least complexity. 

Ease of Installation 

As I mentioned earlier that this smart thermostat is a modern-day giant, therefore it offers a great deal of ease at installation time.  

 The thermostat is pretty easy to install; the whole process of installation and thermostat wiring takes around 30-40 minutes.  

Most importantly, it is a smart thermostat with no C wire so you can install it yourself! 

Great at saving Energy 

Once you have installed Ecobee in your apartment, you have certainly entered into a new era of energy saving; this smart thermostat will save a remarkable amount of electricity, cutting around 26% of your apartment’s heating/cooling cost.   

A unique feature that most of the other smart thermostats don’t offer is its ability to work with Smart Sensors. This makes it energy efficient and can help you achieve an even greater amount of efficiency and hence reducing the extra burden on your pocket! 

Geo-location feature to avoid unnecessary operation 

Among other advanced features is the all-new Geo-location feature of Ecobee, which detects when you are away from your home, and shuts down the operation in order to save energy.  

It pre-heats/cools your apartment before you arrive so that you can have a cozy environment to release your day’s stress.  

I personally love this feature because makes the thermostat truly ‘smart’. Hence, adding Ecobee to the list of best smart thermostat without C wire was a must for me! 

However, if you are the kind of person who likes control in his/her own hands, then the Ecobee smart home app will let you manage your home’s temperature on your own. 

With the Ecobee app, you can control your home’s temperature from anywhere around the globe. All it takes is an initial setup of the app with your thermostat and you are good to go! 

In the worst case, if you run into any problem, the Ecobee support team is available 24/7.  

  • Wide support for Smart Assistants including Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, IFTTT, and SmartThings.
  • Monitors air quality
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Perfectly aesthetic design
  • Quite expensive

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 3. Honeywell Home RTH8560D (Honeywell smart thermostat no C-wire) 

Falling under some of the most affordable smart thermostats, Honeywell is a brand I cherish the most. Luckily it offers a smart thermostat without a C wire!   

A programmable thermostat according to your needs  

This Honeywell smart thermostat gives you the option to program the thermostat according to your precise needs.  

You can program it weekly as well as on weekends. You also have the option to set up daily schedules for your smart thermostat. 

This smart thermostat has a great backlit display that increases the overall usability.  

The design is simplistic yet modern which adds to the beauty of your home.   

The unique ‘Smart Response Learning’ technology 

This smart thermostat unleashes the real power of smart devices using the Smart Response Learning technology.  

This way, the thermostat learns the time it is required to reach the set target temperature, so it starts heating before time. This is a great smart technology that keeps accurate scheduling in check! 

C-wire not needed  

The good news is that Honeywell smart thermostat has an internal disposable battery which is why C-wire is not needed for installation.  

I have also seen many satisfied customers of this smart thermostat who have successfully installed it without a C-wire, making it one of the best smart thermostat without C wire! 

A major concern when buying a smart thermostat is its compatibility with your heating system. 

Interestingly, this smart thermostat is compatible with a lot of systems including single-stage heating and cooling, multistage heating and cooling, heating only, cooling only, furnace (warm air), central air conditioning, heat pump without auxiliary heat, heat pump with auxiliary heat, hot water, steam or gravity, 750 millivolt, and gas fireplaces. 

Moreover, it falls in the league of affordable smart thermostats, providing you with great value for money! 

  • Great Interface
  • Compatible with a lot of Heating/cooling Systems
  • Has a unique ‘Smart Response Learning’ technology
  • There is no way to adjust the temperature differential/swing 

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4. Google Nest Smart thermostat (Nest Thermostat without C wire) 

Next up on our list is another famous Energy Star-certified smart thermostat; the Google Nest Smart thermostat.  

Works without a C-wire 

Falling in the league of best smart thermostats, the Google Nest smart thermostat is one of the most advanced smart thermostats of 2023. It works without a C wire for most of the HVAC systems, so you can easily install a nest in the apartment without any compatibility issues.  

However, for heat-only and cool-only systems you’ll need a C wire.  

In general, Nest thermostats are easy to install thermostats and can typically be installed in 30 minutes or less. 

The entire installation equipment comes included in the box. Moreover, the installation of the nest thermostat is hassle-free as the Google Nest smart thermostat is compatible with 85% of heating systems 

Energy saving made simpler 

The Google Nest smart thermostat saves energy in a number of ways. Since it is a programmable thermostat, it helps you create efficient running schedules (or set up your temperature preferences), which shuts down the thermostat automatically when not needed.   

Secondly, the Nest smart thermostat turns itself off when you are not around. This (Geo-location) feature is a rare one found in very few smart thermostats, making Nest stand out among the best smart thermostat without C wire.  

Finally, it Nest thermostat has a ‘savings finder’ feature which looks for more ways in which you can save electricity. It then suggests these adjustments to the schedule in the Google Home app.  

HVAC Monitoring  

Another feature that adds value to this nest thermostat is its HVAC monitoring which means that it monitors your central heating system and reports any issues if found.  

Moreover, the Google Nest smart thermostat can be remotely controlled from the Google Home app, making it a great wifi thermostat without c wire. After making wi fi connectivity, you can see your home’s current temperature and make changes to it as well.  

This feature is useful when you are away and want to have full control in your hands. When you are at work, you can turn your nest thermostat off while sitting in your office, and hence save a lot of electricity.  

Also, you can turn it back on an hour before returning, so your home is cozy as soon as you enter after a long tiring day!  

Overall, the Google Nest Thermostat is a great choice if you want all the smart features and want a hassle-free installation without C-wire.   

  • It is quite affordable
  • Has an attractive design
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands
  • Lets you monitor your energy usage and suggests ways to decrease your electricity bill.
  • Warns you about potential HVAC issues
  • Does not have a touchscreen
  • Geofencing can be finicky at times 

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5. MOES Smart Programmable Thermostat for Home (WiFi Thermostat no C-wire battery) 

A new entry in the league of best thermostat without C wire is the MOES Smart thermostat.  

Great at energy saving and Scheduling 

This smart thermostat saves over 23% on energy costs and relieves the extra burden on your pocket. Moreover, the smart thermostat is fully programmable; you can program it differently for 7 different days of the week.  

 There are 4 different programming modes available as well, so you can achieve a lot of flexibility with it! 

Keeping C wire optional; best of both the worlds 

Unlike most smart thermostats, the C wire is optional in the MOES smart thermostat. This means that the decision of using the C wire is optional, and it’s all up to you. 

In case you don’t have a C-wire, MOES comes with an alternate power module (power extender kit), making the installation smooth for you.  

Most MOES users said that the installation was pretty simple even without the C wire. Therefore, MOES is another great candidate for the best smart thermostat without a C wire! 

Various control methods including Alexa 

Despite being a lesser-known brand, MOES smart thermostat provides various methods to control it and has major smart home integrations.  

It can be integrated with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and the Tuya Smart Life app. If you already have Alexa or Google Assistant at your home, all you need to do is give it a voice command to change your temperature setting.  

Let’s talk about compatibility 

The MOES Smart thermostat works with conventional systems (2H/2C) and also supports natural gas, hot water, steam, gravity, gas fireplaces (24V), heat pumps, Oil Heat sources, and Electric systems.  

Another remarkable feature that this smart thermostat boasts is its Accurate Temperature calculation and maintenance ability which gives it an edge over other smart thermostats.  

  • Option for C wire and no c wire
  • Supports Alexa and Other smart home assistants
  • The display is great and sharp
  • Although installation is easy, initial setup is a bit difficult 
  • Although installation is easy, initial setup is a bit difficult 

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Not all smart thermostats support connection without a C wire. If you live in a home where C wire is not present, you still can install a smart thermostat like the ones listed above.  

All the above-listed thermostats are branded and have a strong customer base. Although my personal favorites are Ecobee and the Nest thermostat, you should definitely choose the one that meets your precise needs and budget!   

Smart Thermostat Buying Guide (2023)  

There are some factors you should consider before buying a smart thermostat, so once you buy it you are sure that you made the right choice.  

Compatibility with HVAC System: Not all smart thermostats are compatible with all heating/cooling systems. There is a limited number of types of HVAC systems that are available in the market.  

Before buying a smart thermostat, check whether it will be suitable for your home’s heating. If that is so, you are good to go! 

Integration with Smart Home Assistants: You might be using a Smart Home Assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant at your home. If so, then it will be useful if the smart thermostat that you are going to install can be integrated with that smart Assistant.  

Before buying, check and choose the thermostat that integrates with your Smart Home Assistant. This will take your smart home journey to the next level as you can control your home’s temperature just by giving voice commands. 

C-wire and Installation: Another important factor to take into consideration is whether your HVAC has a C-wire or not. 

Most modern-day smart thermostats have c-wire requirements to connect them to your home’s heating. If your system does not have a C-wire, you can either select a smart thermostat with no C wire and with an internal battery ( like the ones listed above), or you can use a c wire power adapter for that purpose. Going with the first option is something that I highly recommend!  

Programmable or Wi-fi controlled: Almost all smart thermostats are programmable ( you can pre-set a 7-day schedule). However, not all smart thermostats are remotely controlled (using smart apps).  

Remote accessibility is desirable in most cases but it is often not required. The choice is yours and you can choose the one that suits you.  

Although this factor is not a critical one, it is just a preference that you should consider while buying your smart thermostat.  

Budget: A luxury that ends up ruining your life can turn easily into a curse! I highly recommend everyone choose a smart thermostat that not only has smart features but is also within their budget.

Choosing a smart thermostat that is way above your budget is never a smart move! 

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